Name Andrew T
Rich Tabor
Previous Safari

2010 buff, 2012 Elephant

Present Safari

Dande North - Elephant Bull


450 3 ¼” NE Hyem
Hornady 450 grain

PH Comment

Elephant bull hunt, early season is up close and personal, very thick bush out there. First few days we spent in the thick jesse tracking bulls amongst cow herds treading very lightly. By day 6 we had seen 12 bulls which we passed on, with bull 13 on day 6 which we tracked for 9 ½ hours in and out of cows, bad wind, very thick jesse. We finally caught up to him late evening and decided to take him, Drew took him with his double at 10 paces. An awesome elephant bull hunt, long days, excellent tracking by the guys and a beautiful bull at the end. The bull should go into mid 40’s with 5.5ft of ivory, very pretty. Well done Drew for all the walking averaging 20km a day. Hope to hunt with you again in the future.

While on this hunt, the team came across an impala killed in a snare by poachers as well as remains from previous poached animals. Please take a moment to look at the DAPU site for more information on helping us prevent this from continuing unchecked.


Client Comment

My first hunt with Rich and his team. They were the best! They never veered from their task of finding a good bull. Rich was dedicated to the hunt and the type of bull I desired to hunt. I will be back with CMS to hunt again with Rich Tabor, Norest, Tedyus and Dube. Our videographer, Ray Buchanan, was all over the place getting great video and pictures too! I hope he can join us on the next hunt.

- Andrew, April 2014



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