Myles McCallum - PH

Miriam, Archie & Fenella

Bongi - Tracker

Norest - Tracker

Myles McCallum
Director and PH of CM Safaris
Born in 1975. From a farming and boarding school background. Hunting and nature have always been central to my existence. Three day long illicit poaching excursions into the bush were already common at just five years old!

After leaving school I spent one year in the UK (catching up with some ‘socialising’ shall we say!), then came home and started as an “appie” in 1995 with Roger Whittall. My first four years with Roger were spent guiding bow hunters in the Save Conservancy -I helped guide more than 30 annually. Naturally I learned plenty about bow hunting, but really the most invaluable knowledge I gained was of hunting. Every single factor being so much more critical for the successful bow hunter.

I passed my full licence in 1999 and from 2000 to 2004 I hunted for Roger mostly in Chewore and the Save Conservancy, 2005 and 2006 partly in Tanzania and partly in Zimbabwe.

Buzz and I started up Charlton McCallum Safaris in 2006 and since then have spent most of my time in Chewore and Dande. My best hunts are for elephant and leopard - the most difficult. There is nothing I relish more than a long, challenging, fair chase safari for top quality trophies in a big beautiful concession!

I am very happily married to Olivia (since 2005) and we have three beautiful kids, Fenella (6) Miriam (4) and Archie…just 4 months! I finally have the excuse I have been waiting for to go and buy that old English double!!!

First tracker and magician! From Turk mine near Bulawayo. Bongi is an extremely talented hunter and tracker, with the best eyes I have ever come across. He is an agressive and very physical man, and delights in hard challenging hunts. Though very focused he is great fun and always upbeat - a serious asset.
When not accompanying me on a hunt he is the manager of the Karunga Camp in Dande East.

Second tracker. From Dande this young man is from a long line of trackers and hunters and has grow up in a dangerous game area. He has huge natural ability and tallent, is very physical and hard working and I am sure one day will become one of the greats.


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