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Alan Shearing - PH for CM Safaris

I was born in Mutare, Zimbabwe 1973. I grew up on a Cattle/Game ranch in KweKwe Zimbabwe – where I found my love for hunting. I married Rosy in 2002 and am blessed with two sons – Kyle (12 years old and just started senior school at Falcon College) and Chad (9 years).

I started hunting for my family and Ken King (friendly neighbour) in 1994 and then started my apprentiship with Russ Broom Safaris in 1995. I continued to hunt for Russ Broom, Ken King and my family until 1998.

1 then worked for Bill Bedford (Ingwe Safaris) from 1999 until 2002.

2003 - 2006 I hunted for Russ Broom and did a bit of freelancing, and then joined Charlton McCallum Safaris in 2007-2009.

2010 I took a year off and went gold mining after a run in with a buffalo.

2011 I was back with CMS and am looking forward to many more seasons with them.

Hunting remains my passion and God willing I hope to be able to continue 'living the dream' for as long as possible. Favorite hunts -  still elephant, but last year (2017)I enjoyed most of the buff, leopard and lion hunts in the Dande, and not forgetting an epic hippo hunt on land!!

Won - ZPHGA Most outstanding dangerous game animal 2017 for the lion I took in Dande Safari Area.

I have a new team of trackers, having only worked together in 2011. They are all great guy's and have already formed a good team.