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Gareth Lecluse - PH for CM Safaris

I was born in Jwaneng, Botswana on the 15/01/1991 where I attended my first hunting trips with my father in the Kalahari as early as 3 years old, which I'm sure was where my passion for the outdoors and hunting began

We moved back to Zimbabwe when I was 5 as my parents are both Zimbabwean and I completed my schooling in Bulawayo. My love for everything outdoors grew continously stronger as family holidays consisted of camping and fishing trips as well as hunting on farms my Grandparents managed.

I finished school and started my hunting apprenticeship immediately at the age of 17 under Roger Whittall Safaris in the Save valley conservancy as well as setting up hunting camps in the Zambezi valley and in North Mozambique for Roger Whittall. I was very fortunate to gain some fantastic big game experience through elephant culling, predator population control and P.A.C buffalo as well as guiding many plains game hunts during my apprenticeship.

I got my Full licence in 2012 and freelanced in Mozambique and many different areas in Zimbabwe. I have been hunting in Uganda for 8 seasons from January to April (Zim's off season) and more recently exploring and trying to open up the hunting industry in Gabon.

I have had the privilege of Hunting for Charlton Mccallum Safaris when I return home for my Zimbabwe season for several seasons now and it has been really awesome to see their dedication to not only their hunting and well run camps but all the work and funds ploughed back into their operation and all their areas maintaining roads, all antipoaching efforts and community based projects. it has been a pleasure and privilege to hunt for CM safaris and I am looking forward to many more successful safaris ahead.