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Buzz Charlton - Director & PH of CM Safaris

I was born into a hunting family. My dad hunted in Kenya under the famous safari company Ker and Downie. He did his apprenticeship under the well known PH John Kingsley Heath. My dad Tony and John photographed below.

I started my apprenticeship straight after I left school under Lou Hallimore, author of 'Chui' and 'In the salt'. I then moved to the Zambezi valley into Dande North where I have been ever since. I was lucky enough to gain a huge amount of experience in dangerous game as I was in charge of all PAC (problem animal control) for many years and also participated in 3 elephant culls. Since then I have regarded hunting elephant as the most challenging hunting. It is without doubt the purest form of hunting - relying on physical and mental fitness, stamina and above all, good trackers.

I have collected some great trophies including a buffalo, crocodile and kudu that all rate in the current top 5 SCI records. With a large number of elephant kills, an equal number of buffalo kills and a brilliant team I can guarantee you a great safari. The most important thing when you come out on a safari with me, apart from collecting good quality trophies, is that you are treated as part of the family and that you enjoy the hunt. I am committed to ethical fair chase hunting. Honesty is in the forefront. There will be no hidden cost and no exaggerated trophy sizes!! Every hunt is tackled with considerable zest, in the perfection and style that will guarantee a happy client.

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Criton - Tracker

Tracker par excellence!! Critons comes from a long linage of outstanding trackers. My first association with Critons family was having the pleasure of using his grandfather “ danger” over 15 years ago. Critons father “Bashop” in his day was also a well re-nouned tracker however Criton has with out doubt despite his young age , supersede both his relations.

Criton has now worked with me for over 10 years and is an outstanding tracker. Not only does he never cease to amaze me and our clients with his tracking ability - but he lives up to his reputation on elephant! No one can skin out an elephant, cut out the tusks and hand you several intricately tied elephant hair bracelets as quickly as Criton!

Criton is married with one child and lives in the Dande safari area.

Nyati - Tracker

Nyati was Alan Shearings top tracker for several years and I took him over when Alan retired from hunting. Nyati is 37 years old and started his career as a teacher. Financial restraints meant a change of profession and he started as a game guard on a hunting concession in Kwekwe where Alan used to hunt. He then joined Alan where he started his dangerous game tracking.

He speaks fluent English, has a wonderful attitude with impeccable manners and the best set of eyes after Bongi!! (Myles Tracker) . However as number two tracker to Criton they make an unbeatable team as have been proven this year tracking numerous elephant and lions and always catching up with them! If you are interested in trees Nyati will be able to tell you all the Latin, English and Shona names of nearly every tree in the Zambezi Valley and would put many a botanist to shame. Bottom line though he is in his own right a number 1 tracker and you will love his quite and polite demure combined with his great sense of humour.

Eddie - Driver

Eddie my ever smiling driver, waiter, boat driver and right hand man!!. What he lacks in physical stature he makes up for it with his warm manner and friendliness and his laugh is infectious! He speaks fluent english and is a huge asset to the team.

He lives in Kanyemba which is in the Dande safari area and is married with two kids.