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Dean Kendall - PH for CM Safaris

I was born in 1969 in Bulawayo Zimbabwe, a third generation Zimbabwean by birth. My family owned a game ranch in Western Zimbabwe and I started hunting at 12. After leaving boarding school and obtaining a B.Com at university, I started my apprenticeship in 1990 with Peter Johnstone of Rosslyn Safaris in the Matetsi Safari Area.

I became qualified in 1993 ( where I first met Buzz on the Proficiency exams ) ,and I have hunted ever since then , bar two years in 2017 and 2018 when I decided to spend some time at home with my wife of 20 years, Alex, and my two children. Amy is 16, and Matt who is 14. Both kids are passionate about hunting and fishing, the bush, trees and birds.

I spent the years 1994-1999 predominantly in the well known Chirisa Safari Area, and also then began working in 1999 in the Dande Safari area where I rekindled my friendship with Buzz, whilst we both worked under Swainsons Safaris.

I worked in the Dande until 2006 and am well acquainted with that part of the Zambezi Valley,having revisited it many times since.

In 2006 I moved predominantly into Tanzania, though I continued hunting Zim outside The Tanzanian season.

I have completed 12 seasons to date in various parts of Tanzania , a country I always wanted to experience, and have also hunted multiple times in Mozambique.

My faithful and trusted tracker Clement, who accompanied me for 23 full seasons and from whom I learned an immense amount from, recently retired after tracking for a total of 40 years, a legend who I miss.

I engaged Leonard for the 2019 season and he is reliable, level and calm. I look forward to continuing our partnership for the years to come.