Dande Camps: Pedza Pasi | Matombo | Mururu | Mukanga | Karunga

Charlton McCallum Safaris operates the Dande north and east concessions.

Dande north and east concessions has a combined area that is over 500 000 acres of pristine Zambezi Valley terrain, with no fences or tarred roads and is the biggest single hunting concession in Zimbabwe.

The dangerous game hunting in the Dande is unmatched and we put great emphasis on good ethical hunting. Dangerous game is tracked and hunted on foot as the great hunters of yesteryear did.

Dande north is the only remaining safari area that has the mighty Zambezi river. All other Zambezi Valley hunting areas with the river have been taken over by non consumptive operations. As a result we are the only operators that still offer great crocodile and hippo and fishing to compliment our hunts.

Dande east is a horse shoe shaped area with a long 25 km border with Mozambique. For may years the previous operator had a very basic fly camp and only hunted it early season for elephant bulls for which it is excellent. After filling his quota early the area was left till the next season. In his defence there was lodigic to leaving this area after the early part of the season was over as by then the numerous pans had dried out and the buff plains game returned to Mozambique. However the result was unchecked poaching which diminished the numbers of buff and plains game badly.

For the last 3 years we have we have made a huge concerted effort at anti poaching and have arrested numerous poachers and have taken down over 3000 snares. We are excited with the numbers of game coming back including really big herds of sable and lots of Kudu however this game still has to go back to Mozambique by mid season when the pans dry but it is our plan to put in two permanent water points this year which will hopefully mean that they will become resident year round. Access is a three and a half hour drive or a fifty minute charter direct to camp from Harare.

Dande North consists of Ward 1, Dande Safari Area (DSA), Ward 2 and Ward 11. When you hunt with cms these areas are hunted as one area giving you over 500 000 acres in the zambezi valley to hunt in!. It is all good classical tracking hunts- the way it has been for generations and the way that it should stay!

Ward 1 is a communial area in the Northern part of the Dande concession. We have one tented camp called Matombo Camp with the most beautiful views of the Zambezi River. Ward 1 has about 15 km of river frontage with croc and hippo hunting and fanatstic tiger fishing. The hunting in ward 1 is excellent especially for elephant bulls that come in early season for the crops and in July when the Masua berries are out. There are lots of buffalo and inparticular old dugga boys in this area also!