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NEW - CMS is offering hunts in Luwire, Mozambique

With over 1 million acres and numerous rare collectors species, this area will offer CMS's return clients the opportunity of experience one of if not the most wild concessions left in Africa today.


TALL TALES - The Life of a Professional Hunter in the Zambezi Valley

Buzz Charlton has just completed his first book, Tall Tales..Trade edition copies are still available, fresh off the press.

Buzz has had a wealth of experience, and that has resulted in a lifetime of great stories. Added to the fact that Buzz can write a good story and present it in a highly entertaining way, and you have the basis for a great book.  What you will find here are the absolute best, most exciting, hilarious, and hair-raising stories from an experienced individual who has literally spent tens of thousands of hours hunting in Africa’s wilderness.  Whether it is a broken nose received from a late night bar encounter, a terrifying elephant or buffalo charge, or a difficult safari client who desperately needs a lesson from the bush, you will be thrilled to read one good adventure-laden chapter after another.   Foreword by renowned Zimbabwe PH Richard Harland.

Buzz will have copies of the trade edition with him at the Reno & Dallas Shows. Grab a copy directly from him.

Dallas Booth #2311 Reno Booth #1839/40