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JH - Dande Safari Area
ZS & PH - Ngamo
JR - Dande Safari Area
MJ - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
GS - Dande Safari Area
Keith Wall - PH Comment

GS and I go way back, we first hunted together 2013 and have hunted together since then every year since the first, over the years GS has got awesome Trophies and on this hunt we were after a Lion here in the Zambezi Valley with CM Safaris. We hunted out of Mururu Camp and of course hunting Lion we needed bait we managed to get a buffalo cow down the first day and a zebra few days later but we also had two baits that was given to us by previous hunters which was a huge help. Over the days with many miles of driving and checking baits we had lots of lion both male and female come on bait, we had a total of 6 baits out. During the hunt GS was after a hippo which he had been wanting get and we managed to get an awesome bull which in turn gave us more bait. We had our one bait in particular hit by a good Zambezi Valley Lion and we managed to get him on the 10th day of the hunt. During the hunt GS also wanted to hunt a Klipspringer which he managed to bag too. I must say that CM Safaris really and truly have one of the best big game hunting areas and give the best of the best in the business. GS had an awesome hunt and will back for sure.

DS - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
DH - Dande Safari Area
Keith Wall - PH Comment

This was DH’s first safari with us here at CM Safaris, DH has hunted in Zimbabwe before and got some fine trophies. This trip DH was after a Leopard and a Crocodile, we hunted out of Pedza camp and of course we needed bait to get a leopard in the tree. We shot a couple of impala and we also managed  to get an awesome hippo bull which was not really on DH’s list but having the opportunity to do so DH did and a hippo provides a lot of meat for bait too. DH also wanted to hunt a crocodile of which he got a great croc measuring  13ft. We put in a lot of miles driving as we all know hunting cats its a lot of checking baits and hanging baits. We had a lot of leopards feed but mostly females , we had four males feed, two of which were mature Toms but unfortunately we never got our cat. It was a pleasure hunting with DH and am sure he will be back for mr spots again and a possible Tuskless.

MV - Nyakasanga
AS - Nyakasanga - hunt summary
KJ - Nyakasanga
Myles McCallum - PH Comment

A really rewarding hunt in a magnificent concession. Started off with a dry land hippo, perfect brain shot with the .500 NE.

Tuskless next – lots and lots seen, lots of tracking and numerous approaches. Finally shot a cow with a perfect brain shot at 10 paces.

Buffalo, once again lots of buffalo seen and numerous opportunities passed up on. On the 9th day a nice stiff breeze allowed us to get in front of a herd, KJ shot his bull at 30 paces with the .458 Lott and it only ran 30 metres. Perfect.

EP - Nyakasanga - hunt summary
AB, EF & CD - Nyakasanga
Client Comment

Camp: Outstanding location, excellent staff – polite, professional.
Concession: Similarly outstanding – plentiful game.
Ryan is a consummate professional. He is a delightful young man with a wide understanding of his craft. My safety was always uppermost during several very intensive searches for a good hippo trophy. He is a credit to CMS, a pleasure to be with and I very much look forward to the opportunity to hunt with him again.

DT - Dande Safari Area
Len Taylor - PH Comment

We saw a lot of game and had many opportunities to shoot a lot, even a sable, but eyesight was a problem. The last warthog was not meant to be shot but I guess communication got lost. Had 2 attempts at a hippo and missed both times. The 3rd time I found a hippo on land 7 or 8 shots later we got it.

We saw a lot of Buffalo, no mature bulls till we got into a herd on the Manimo river, where we found 5!

MD & NG - Dande Safari Area
AD - Dande Safari Area
Len Taylor - PH Comment

Elephant taken on day 8 of the hunt. Saw many cows and young bulls. Saw one good bull on the first day. We saw some nice kudu bulls and wounded one. The elephant was perfectly side brain shot at 20 yards. It was a wonderful old elephant.

MH - Nyakasanga
Client Comment

This is my 3rd hunt with CMS. This time was just 4 days plainsgame and we went to Nyakasanga. It was amazing being on the river  and the game numbers were incredible. Once again thank you CMS for a great 4 days plainsgame hunting! I will be back as soon as I can.

OT - Dande Safari Area
Client Comment

I have hunted with Allan for several years now having taken the big 4 as well as croc and hippo. Allan is a fantastic hunter and as always we come out late season for Hyena and the opportunity on left over animals. This year there was a left over elephant bull which we hunted.

We tracked a bull for a while and caught it and it charged us instantly. We managed to brain it very close. Thank you Allan and CMS you run an amazing outfit, my husband and I will be back again next year!

JJ & OS- Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
AF - Dande Safari Area
Client Comment

I have hunted leopard several times with no success. This time I came to Dande and was successful on a short hunt!! Thank you very much and thanks to Ross!

DK - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
BM - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
LH - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
GC - Dande Safari Area
JT - Hammond Ranch, Save Valley - hunt summary
WK - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
HS - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
BK - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
GW - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
RT - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
NF - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
BB - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
ST - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
KE - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary