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Larry Shores - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Buzz & Larry with his buffalo
Higher than a tree!
Larry's grysbok
The team with Larry's
elephant bull
Nice bracelets!
The thermometer never lies!
Tern eggs
Buzz & the team with Larry
& his first tuskless
BUzz with Larry
& his second tuskless
Bird Shooting
Larry's Tiger fish

Todd & Donna Williams - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Ele bull spoor
Todd & his warthog
Mock charge!
Blake & Todd with
his first impala
Todd, Donna & Blake
having lunch
Todd & his second impala
Todd's baboon
Todd lining up
Blake & Todd watching the
ele go down
Blake with Todd and his
elephant bull
Thumbs up from the team!
Donna & Todd with his
well earned trophies

Per-Arne & Emma A - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Per-Arne & his bushbuck
Emma & Per-Arne with
his elephant
The team with Per-Arne
& his trophy

Simon Hall - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Simon with his baboon
Simon & his First buffalo bull
The team with Simon and
his Second trophy
Simon & his warthog

Martinus & Lorinda van der Reyden - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Lorinda & her trophy
Lorinda's buffalo bull
Lorinda, Martinus & his tuskless
The team with Martinus &
his trophy
Martinus & Lorinda with her
57" kudu bull
Dinner on the spit
Baby pangolin catching
a lift on mum
Close up of the baby pangolin

Mike Jines - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Buzz & Mike with his
3 bushpig
Bushpig being carried out
Mike's 41" buffalo bull
Mike & his trophy buffalo
Mike with his well earned lion
What a trophy
Lion's dark scarred skin
Mike & the team with his lion
Buzz & Mike with his lion
Mike in the Mkanga Gorge
Mike's warthog
Mike & his zebra

Jytte & Julia M - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Sunrise over the Zambezi
Jytte's elephant
The team with Jytte & her ele
Julia keeping an eye on the
elephant kebabs
Jytte's tiger fish
Mother & daughter fishing
Julia's tiger fish

Duane Jenson - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Duane & his trophy
elephant bull
Alan with Duane & his ele
Duane holding up the ele tail
Duane's warthog

Simon Wagner - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Simon's bushbuck
Simon & his buffalo bull
The team with Simon's tuskless
Simon's baboon

Mike Wittet - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Mike & the team tracking
Mike watching nesting beeaters
Mike's buffalo bull
Mike's trophy buff
Mike's chalet
The chalet inside with
ensuite bathroom
View down to the dinning room
The dinning room

Phillip Durrett - with bow - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Phillip snoozing!
Myles & Phillip with his buffalo
The arrow that took down
the buffalo
Phillip's buffalo trophy

David J - Ngamo - hunt summary
David & his 65lbs elephant bull
The team with David's ele
Cooking ele kebabs
David & his ivory

Buzz A - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Blake with Buzz & his
buffalo bull
Buzz's hyena
Blake & Buzz having lunch
Buzz's buffalo cow bait
Bait ready for hanging
Blake & his team
hanging the bait
Buzz getting settled in the blind
Night ape tucking
into his snacks
Buzz & his fantastic leopard
Blake with Buzz &
his leopard trophy
End of a fine hunt!

Bob Naramore - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Bob with his baboon
Bob & his buffalo bull
The team with Bob's
buffalo trophy
Trophy hooves
Bob & his tiger fish
What big teeth!
Bob & his zebra stallion
Bob's buffalo skull

Jeffrey S - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Jeff & his elephant bull
Jeff's klipspringer
Rich & Jeff with his
Jeff taking a break
Jeff's 2nd buffalo bull
Jeff with his impala
Jeff's trophies

Rick Dubin & Michael P- Dande Safari Area
Blake & Michael with his elepahnt bull
Distinctive cracks
The team & Michael's baboon
Rick & his buffalo bull
Blake & Rick with his
tuskless cow
Rick & his impala
Michael, James & Rick with Michael's warthog

Greg & Wendy Shoemaker - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Blake & Greg with his buffalo
Greg glassing the valley
Wendy & Greg with his crocodile
What big teeth!
Greg & his hyena
Greg's impala
Lunch under a baobab
The team & Greg's baboon
Greg's fantastic sable
Greg & his kudu bull
Greg bird shooting!
Greg's guinea fowl
River View
Greg's tiger fish
Blake with Wendy & her tiger
The team with Greg's trophies

Jeff Norman - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Glassing the valley
Rich & Jeff with his tuskless
Ele meat on an open fire
High vantage point
Rich & Jeff with
his waterbuck
Jeff's bushbuck
Fire in the valley
Justin filming
Speeding along the Zambezi
Unhappy croc
Jeff's monster vundu

Jerry & Brian Jurena - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Jerry & Brian relaxing
by the fire pit
Jerry & his tuskless
The team & Jerry with
his tuskless
Brian & his bushbuck
Jerry & his sable
Jerry's sable being walked out
Lion spotted in the valley
Mururu Camp

John & Gail Martin - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Gail & John with his dugga boy
The team with John's trophy buff
John's old warthog
John & Gail
A wonderful ending!

Marius Gericke - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Marius's 1st dugga boy
Shot using a Jeffey 500
open sights
Marius's 2nd dugga boy, shot using a Jeffey 500 open sights
beautiful big bosses
Buzz & Marius with his
1st tuskless
Marius takes the tail of his
1st tuskless
Marius in action!
Buzz & Marius with his
2nd tuskless

John & Romona Brogan - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
John & Romona at
Matombo camp
Romona & John with his
fantastic sable
Sunset over the Zambezi river
Rich & John with his
buffalo bull
John's leopard
John & his leopard
The team with
John's hyena
John & his impala
Sunet over the valley
John's first zebra stallion
Lion sleeping in the midday heat
John's second zebra stallion
Elephant in the jesse

Romona & John -
Sundowners on the river

Michael Taylor - Chewore South
Let the hunt begin!
Mike, David & Keith
Stopping for lunch
Mike & his bushbuck
View over the valley
Mike & his tuskless
The team with Mike's tuskless
Lion hiding in the grass
The Taylor's with
Mike's zebra
Resting on the river bank
Hippo & calf
Lady of the Zambezi
Sunset at the end of the hunt
We had a great hunt, seeing & following elephant everyday for 11 days. There are lots of elephant in Chewore South.
Rich Tabor is a great PH and we will be hunting with him again for sure - Mike Taylor, July 2013

Ralph Davis & LD McCaa - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
LD with Ralph & his 1st tuskless
The team with Ralph's
2nd tuskless
LD & his hyena
Ralph & LD catching fish the old fashioned way, with a stick!

Norman Parker - Dande Safari Area
Mitch & his team
Norman's buffalo bull
Norman & his impala & baboon
Norman's buffalo cow
Norman Fishing
Parking on an island
The team with Norman
& his first leopard
Big smile!
Norman holding up his
second leopard
The team with Norman
& his trophies
CMS and PH Mitch Riley were very professional and did a great job on my Safari. We saw plenty of Buffalo's, Elephant's,
Leopard's and Lions. CMS provided great food, hot showers and clean sleeping arrangements daily.
Great place to go on a hunting Safari - Norman, July 2013

Chris & Robert Peccia - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Thierry glassing the valley
Steven with the team and
his buffalo bull
Pedza Camp
Robert & Chris - ready for action
Robert's kill shot
Robert & his buffalo bull
Chris's hyena
Chris & his kudu

Bruce Hill - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Bruce & his baboon
Bruce's buffalo cow
Bruce & his 40 " buffalo bull
Bruce & his impala
Alan & Bruce with his 50" kudu
Bruce's impala
Alan & Bruce with his hippo
Bruce's hippo
Bruce eating a hippo kebab
Hippo skins
Hippo meat going to the community

Daniel K - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
The guys with Dan's lovely
old dugga boy
Dan's lovely old hog
Baobab in the valley
Dan's second warthog
Specail Agent with Dan's
second buff
Foolery at its best, go ozzie!
Holding up the bridge?
The team picture
Dan taking off

Alan Hill - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Alan & the team with his buffalo
Alan, Rich & Graham
having lunch
Alan's ele cow
Wild dogs

David & Darla M - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Darla near a pan
Ele in the jess
Alan & Darla at the fire pit
The team with David &
his tuskless
David cutting off the tail
A few ele hair bracelets there
Ele meat kebabs
The Team with David's buffalo
Buffalo recovery
Mopane bee honey

Jim Stubbendieck - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Buffalo hiding in the trees
Rich & Jim with his
elephant bull
Jim & the team with his
elephant bull
Wild dog walking along a ridge
Zambezi River
Well camouflaged
sunset over the valley

Giovanni M - Dande North Safari Area - hunt summary
Giovanni's beautiful bushbuck
Walking the bushbuck out
Lion tracking
Buzz & Giovanni with his
Giovanni's impala
Giovanni's 54" kudu
Criton on a vantage point
View from camp overlooking
the Zambezi River
Giovanni with his
buffalo cow bait
Giovanni's zebra stallion
Giovanni giving the villagers children clothing

Dmitry Kantor - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Dmitry trying out the tractor
Dmitry doing a good job
with that tree
Dmitry & his elephant bull
The elephants feet
Dmitry & the team with his elephant bull
Pan in Dande East
Wild dog

Roman & Zdenek Sedmik - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Roman & his 39" dugga boy
Roman and his leopard after it tried to charge him
Roman's hog
ele browsing

Petr Holoubek - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Ross & Petr with his
beautiful 40" dagga boy
Petr & his leopard
baobab's on the river edge

Tyler Sutton - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Tyler & the team with
his baboon
Blake with Tyler & his buffalo
Tyler & the team with
his hyena
Tyler's impala
Blake & Tyler with his klipspringer

Jim MacDougall & Wade Shults - Dande Safari Area
Wade & Jim with his sable
Wade & his buffalo
Jim's hippo
Jim & his hyena
Jim's leopard
Wade's baboon

JIm & Rich glassing the valley

2 ½ weeks of a perfect Zim Safari. Our stay at camp was comfortable with great food and hospitality. We hunted hard and put in long days, getting ALL our target trophies: leopard, hippo, buffalo, sable and hyena. Charged by a Mamba twice! Wish we could stay longer. Will return for elephant someday - Jim

Wes Stueber - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Alan & Wes with his buffalo
Having lunch on the river
Wes & his impala
Wes & Ed Kreps bird shooting

Edward Kreps - Dande North Safari Area - hunt summary
Ed glassing the bush
Ed & the team tracking
Ed & his well earned buffalo
Well hidden chick
On the lookout for doves
Ed's Sandgrouse
Ed & his guinea Fowl

Larry Staab - Dande Safari Area with Zambezi Hunters
Larry's baboon
Larry & his buffalo
Larry's dugga boy
Helen & Larry enjoying the view
Larry's croc
Larry with his crocodile ready
for skinning

Larry & his bushpig

View from camp

Scott Brown - Dande Safari Area
Rich & Scott tracking
Rich & Scott having lunch
Scott's buffalo cow
Hard earned beer
Rich & Scott with his hippo
Hippo recovery


110% effort put in by the entire crew. A successful hunt with the taking of tuskless ele, hippo and a buffalo cow all to hang for bait for the elusive lion. Longs days and short nights made for great hunting. Growling lioness in the dawn and a huge bodied lion literally metres in front of the blind. Many thanks to Rich, Sarah, Ryan and the entire staff. - Scott

Joe Wilcock - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Myles, Joe & his impala
Joe & his second impala
Joe fishing
Justin the cameraman looking
at the view
Mongeese watching Joe
& the team
Myles & Joe with his
elephant bull

A well deserved ele

Joe & the team with his trophy

James & Janelle Farris - Dande North Safari Area - hunt summary
James & Janelle with
his elephant bull
James's ele
James & Janelle with James fantastic trophy bull
The team with James
elephant bull

Jack H - Dande North Safari Area - hunt summary
Jack's buffalo bull
Alan & Jack with his bufffalo
Jack & his buffalo bull
The team with Jack's buffalo bull
Jack & his elephant bull
Fine set of tusks!
Jack's ele bull
Jack & his trophy
Jack's tuskless elephant
Alan & Jack with his tuskless
Alan & Jack with his ele
The team with Jack's tuskless

Nick H - Dande North Safari Area - hunt summary
Nick's buffalo bull
Nick & his hippo
Nick's hippo in the water
Rich & Nck with his
tuskless elephant
Nick's elephant bull
The team with Nick & his trophy elephant bull
Nick's crocodile

Marty & Sue Vick - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Sue about to leave from
Harare International airport
Marty & the team
with his kudu cow bait
Glassing the valley
Getting the cruiser unstuck
Eddy dragging a scent trail
to the baits
Bait hanging

Blind being erected

Marty & his leopard
Buzz & Marty with his leopard
Big teeth
Sue & Marty with a fantastic leopard trophy
Marty & his baboon

Joe Johanik - Dande Safari Area
Joe & his impala
Blake & Joe with his klipspringer
A pair of beautiful impala
Blake & Joe with his
brace of hyena
The team, Joe & his civet cat
Another great impala

Joe's baboon

Joe & his zebra stallion

Mike Jines - Dande East - hunt summary
Mike & Buzz
Mike's well earned
elephant bull
Buzz and Mike with his
elephant bull

Mac Jenkins - Dande East - hunt summary
Storm building
Justin, Nyati & Tich on safari
Mac's baboon
Mac and his first impala
Glassing Ward 11
Checking water holes

Early season, means lots
more water

Water lilly
Mac's fantastic ele bull
Mac & his 66lbs ivory
Community waiting for their share of the elephant meat
Mac glassing the valley
Tracking sable
Buzz & Mac with his 40" sable
Game driving

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