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Frederik & Carl Nagell - Chewore South - hunt summary
Frederik & his tuskless
Pack of painted dogs
The power of the TEAM!
Buzz - very hot!
Buzz & Frederik with his well earned elephant bull

Carl, Buzz & Frederik with
his dugga boy

Carl & Frederik with his huge running shot hyena
Bongi & his goggles,
keeps the bugs away
Carl, Frederik & his warthog

Anders Rustrom - Chewore South - hunt summary
Cool tented camp
Anders & his impala
Alan & the team tracking
Alsn & Anders with his first tuskless
Rich & Steve with his baboon
Rich & Steve with his hyena
Anders zebra stallion
Dinner with the team

Todd Williams - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
The team looking for tuskless
Todd's 2" dugga grysbok
Todd's lovely old duiker
Todd & his buffalo for bait
NonCon bullet petals
Blake & Todd with his warthog

Blake & Todd with his
15 8/16 SCI klipspringer

Todd's tuskless
Kudu cow bait 1
Walking int he long grass
Kudu cow bait 2
Infamous tsetse fly
Long hot days
Chico river bait
Lion track
In the blind
Todd's lion,
25" skull
Chico lion on bait
Maonde river lion on bait
Todd's tigerfish

Steve Rusmisell - Dande Safari Area
Target shooting!
Steve & his guinea fowl bag
Steve & his buffalo bull
Steve's duiker
Rich & Steve with his baboon
Rich & Steve with his hyena
Steve's klipspringer
Lots of doves

Ron Price - Sapi - hunt summary
Buzz and Ron with his
elephant bull
Ron's elephant bull
Ron & his leopard
Ron's huge leopard
Ron & his bushbuck
Ron's grysbok
Ron & his impala
Buzz & Ron with his kudu
Ron's tuskless
Ron & his warthog
Ron's zebra stallion
Ron's monster tigerfish

Jytte & Julia M - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
The team
Julia lining up a shot
Alan & Jytte with her elephant
Julia & Jytte with her elephant
Mother & daughter taking
a break
Jytte & Julia glassing the valley
Elephant in the distance
Fishing on the Zambezi

Dante Lanna & Pedro Zuccolillo - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Dante's buffalo
The team with Pedro's elephant
Bongi & Pedro with his
elephant tail
Dante & Pedro having

Mike Wittet - Dande East - hunt summary
Mike greeting Bongi in camp
Mike settling down to breakfast
Ready for the hunt!
Baboons 'Georges' running along
the river bed
Carmine Bee-eater nests
Carmine Bee-eater
Mike and the team
inside a baobab
Mike's dugga boy
Mike with his trophy buffalo
Mike's accommodation
Dove perfectly shot through
the head
Mike scoping for tuskless
Myles, Mike & the team tracking
Mike's kudu
Mike & the team
with his bushuck
Lilac Breasted Roller

Robert Schofield - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Hard to spot squirrel
Blake & Bob with his buffalo
The size of the buffalo hoof
Bob with the team & his buffalo
Cream of tartar fruit
from the baobab tree
Blake & Bob with his bushbuck
Sun setting over a fantastic hunt

Paul Machmeier - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Paul arrving by plane
Glassing the valley
Buzz & Thomas looking at the cave paintings
Paul plagued by midges
A handy signal tower used to scout for game
Buzz & Paul with his first
elephant bull
The elephant being skinned
Buzz, Paul & Thomas with
Paul's second elephant bull
The migratory birds are back
for summer

Phillip & Luke Landry - Chewore South
Bongi, Luke & 'George'
Luke's trophy buffalo
The team with Luke & his buffalo
Rock climbing
Phillip bird shooting with Raymond filming
Luke bird shooting
Luke guiding Eddie while
bird shooting
Phillip & Luke with their bird bag
Luke & Phillip with trophy elephant bull
The team with Phillp's
elephant bull
Making a fire the old way
Success - the winning team
Luke & Phillip with
Getting a push out of the sand
Luke's new hair style?
Luke & his impala
Phillip's grysbok
Mongeese fighting
Who's bigger?
The team with Phillip & Luke's
fantastic trophies

"I have hunted with CM Safaris twice now for elephant and buffalo. Both trips have been more than what I expected.
I have taken 3 nice bull elephant and plains game, and my son Luke has taken 2 great buffalo.
The camps are very nice and comfortable, the staff is courteous, the trackers are
the most dedicated I have hunted with in many trips to Africa." - Phillip Landry

Bob & Alexandra K - Ngamo - hunt summary
Bob & his first ele bull
Bob's ele bull
Alexandra & Alan relaxing before the skinning begins
Alexandra having a cold one &
watching the ele disappear
Alexandra, Alan & Bob with Bob's second ele
Alexandra & her dad with
his ele bull
The nicest smile this season!
Bob & some of his ivory
Client Comment

This elephant hunt was way beyond anything I could have ever imagined. It was a Father-Daughter hunt of a lifetime. I am forever grateful for our PH, Alan Shearing, and CM Safaris for giving me this opportunity with my Dad. I cannot wait to return to Zim to do it all over again

- Alexandra K, September 2012

Michael Fagras - Chewore South - hunt summary
The team with Mike's
buffalo bull
Rich, Shon & Mike
having lunch
Mike & the team with
his tuskless
Nice set of bracelets!
Rich, Mike & the team
with his impala
The team holding a pangolin
Shon & Mike with his duiker
Rich & Mike with his ele bull
Mike Impala
Elephants cooling off
Mike's first tiger fish
The sun sets on a stunning hunt

Mike Jines - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Mike & his baboon
Mike's buffalo bull
Mike & his duiker
Buzz, Mike and the team
with his elephant
Mike's grysbok
Mike & his bull hippo
Mike's hyena
Mike's bushbuck
Mike & his kudu
One of many impala

Momchil - Dande East - hunt summary
Momchil ready for his hunt
Momchil lining up his shot
Momchil's tuskless
Momchil's tuskless
Momchil standing inside a tree damaged by elephant
Momchil with a herd of ele in the valley below
Herd of elephant walking along
a dry river bed
Meat being delivered to the community

Daniel K - Dande Safari Area- hunt summary
Dan & Blake with some children
from the local village
Daniel having lunch
Daniel's buffalo bull
Dan's 2nd buffalo bull
Uphill in Dande, or is it?!
Elephants can be destructive
Dan's warthog

Nicolas & Alexios Limnios - Chewore North - hunt summary
Comfortable charter in and
out of camp
View of the camp from the Zambezi River
Fisherman being closely watched by hippo
Rich, Alex & Nicolas fishing
Rich, Nicolas & Alex
with his hippo
Alex & Nicolas with
2 impala baits
Rich, Alex & Nicolas
stopping for lunch
The team with Nicolas's
trophy impala
Nicolas & his leopard
Nicolas's fantastic
trophy leopard
Nicolas's baboon

Jonathan Bowden & Andrew Jones - Dande East - hunt summary
Jonathan & the team with
his elephant
Elephant meat kebab
Wild dog on hyena bait
Blake & Jonathan
with his bushpig
Jonathan & Andrew

Jas Madhavan - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Jas standing by
cave paintings
Jas - Superman!
Rich & Jas with his buffalo
Rich & the team getting the
cruiser out of a ditch
Rich & his tiger fish,
Jas waiting for his
Sunset over the valley

George Bazos - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
George & his honey badger
Blake & George with his buffalo
Sundowners in camp
The team with George
& his hyena
George's leopard on trail cam
George holding up his leopard
Blake & George with his leopard
George & his impala

Ed Peters & Scott Raymond - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Ed & his buffalo
Relaxing in the shade
Scott's baboon
Scott & His impala
Ed's sight from the
leopard blind
Blake & Ed with his leopard
Ed's Kudu
Blake & Ed with his warthog

Tim & Bonnie Hauck - Dande Safari Area
Tim & Bonnie with his kudu
Myles & Tim with his
fantastic sable
Ele drinking in a pan
Tim & his impala
Tim & Bonnie relaxing in
the shade
Tim & his warthog
Tim & Bonnie with Ed Peters
and his leopard

Jeff Hicks - Chewore North - hunt summary
Jeff & his baboon
Jeff's bushbuck
Dinner at camp
What a sight!
Hippo pod
Jeff's hippo
Jeff & his impala
Jeff's trophy kudu
Jeff's fantastic leopard
Buzz & Jeff with his leopard
Jeff & Buzz admiring the view
Buzz and Jeff with his
zebra stallion
Walking along the river
Jeff & his tiger fish
Justin's tiger
Buzz's long fought
monster stick!

Bill C - Dande East - hunt summary
Bill & Buzz with his
fantastic ele bull
Bill cutting off the tail,
a few bracelets there
Buzz & Ryan having lunch
The meat being hung
for biltong

Hendrik Venter - Nuanetsi - hunt summary
Mwenezi River running
infront of camp
Mbizi Camp
Hendrick & his fantastic
19" bushbuck
Hendrick's 42" old dugga boy
Hendrick's impala
Hendrick's baboon
Hendrick & Fanus with
their hyena

Stephanus Crous - Nuanetsi - hunt summary
Fanus & his monster leopard
Fanus & Rich with
16.75" skull leopard
Fanus & his hippo
Fanus's trophy hippo
Fanus & the team with
his bushbuck
Fanus & his kudu
Fanus's nyala
Fanus & his warthog
The team with Fanus &
his giraffe
Fanus's wildebeest
The team, Rich & Fanus with
his zebra stallion

Pavel Korinek & (Jaromir) Merik Louda - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Buffalo tracks
Pavel & Blake with his buffalo
Blake, Pavel & Merik with his impala
Merik & his kudu
Merik & Pavel having lunch
Blake & Merik with his buffalo
Sun setting over the valley

Zdenek Sedmik & Petr Holoubek - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Martin with Zdenek & his
35" buffalo
Zdenek & Petr having lunch
Zdenek & Petr watching
elephant in the valley
Petr & the team with his baboon

Petr Louda & Martin Prokes - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Petr & his magnificant leopard
Petr's zebra stallion
The team with Martin's buffalo
Martin's zebra stallion

Sassan Moghadam - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Sassan & his ele bull
Sassan glassing the valley
with Rich
Rich & Sassan eating a snack
of braai meat
Sassan's baboon

John & Laura Clader - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Hanging a buffalo bait
Glassing for game
John's great leopard
John & Myles with his
39" Sable
7 foot grass
Laura & John on safari
John & Laura with his
nice old dugga boy
John's 2 hyena shot
in the East
John & Laura standing on a
baobab blown over by wind
Laura & Eddie with her tiger fish
John & his 7lbs tiger fish
Laura's ugly sea monster eel

Rick Capozza - Dande East - hunt summary
Rick's buffalo cow bait
Rick & 2 impala bait
Rick & the team hanging baits
Rick & his hyena
Rick's leopard
Rick & his 54" kudu
Rick's 42" dugga boy
Rick's cattle killing lion
Rick & his 39" sable
Rick & his incredible trophy bag

Dick Negley - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
The team with Dick and
his buffalo bull
Mother & baby digging for water
Dick with his impala
The team having an
afternoon nap

William Negley - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
William & his Dad, Dick,
arriving by charter
William & Blake with
his buffalo
William overlooking the valley
Night ape or bush baby
eating popcorn

Randy M - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Randy about to board his
plane to the valley
Fishing on the Zambezi by the Mupata Gorge
Randy and the team
Randy with Charter,
water on the boil
Randy & his elephant bull
Rich & Randy with his ele
One big foot print
Randy, the team &
his superb jumbo

Paul C - Chewore North - hunt summary
Paul & Buzz with his
elephant bull
Paul's tusks
Paul & Buzz with his
trophy buffalo
Paul's warthog

Leon Komkov - Chewore North - hunt summary
Leon & Alan with his
elephant bull
Leon's elephant bull
Superb set of ivory
Leon's tuskless
Buzz with an impressive tiger
Leon's first tiger fish
Paul & Leon on the
Zambezi River
An excellent haul of bream

Joseph T - Dande East - hunt summary
Early morning tracking
Joseph with an ele track
Elephant spoor
Tracking past a water hole
Joseph & Rich with his
elephant bull
The ele being skinned
Egyptian python
Dove nest

Drew T- Dande Safari Area
Drew & his elephant bull
Myles & Drew with his buffalo bull
Drew & Bongi with his late evening hyena
Drew & a few doves
Hippo in the Zambezi River
The Lady of the Zambezi
An unexpected sight
Drew's fantastic trophies

Don Ingram - Dande East - hunt summary
Blake & Don with his
elephant bull taken with bow.
Don & the team
Elephant recovery
Dande fly camp

Gary & Jane Gunderson - Dande East - hunt summary
Gary & his
55" kudu
Gary's 54lbs elephant bull
A lot of bangles there!
Jane, Gary & the team
with his ivory

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