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2011 click pictures to enlarge

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Martinus & Lorinda van der Reyden - Makuti - hunt summary
Lorinda's magnificent
45" sable
Carrying the sable out
Lorinda & her ugly hyena
Martinus with an incredible
5" klipspringer
Martinus, Lorinda & team with tuskless
Martinus & Lorinda walking out the dreaded dreadful
Resse Valley
Beautiful buffalo bull

Odin Rorvik - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Odin's tuskless
Looking over the Maonde
Odin & his baboon
Odin's buffalo

Jerry & Erik Nave - Makuti - hunt summary
Jerry's sable
Jerry & Erik, tuskless 1
Jerry & Erik, tuskless 2
Erik with his old baboon

John Woodmark - Nyakasanga - hunt summary
John with his ele
Rod & John with his tusks
Nice tiger fish!
John's bushbuck
Rod & John with their tiger
John's impala
Lunch time visitor
John & his warthog

Casey Terry - Makuti Safari Area - hunt summary
Casey, Blake & Rich
with his leopard
Casey Norest & Rich
Rich & Casey with his buffalo
Casey's sable
Casey & his jackal
The team with Casey &
his grysbok
Still pool

John Johnson - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
John & his buffalo
John's 1st baboon
A few birds
John's bushbuck
John & his civet
John's guinea fowl
John's impala
John's zebra stallion
Pete & John with his kudu
The team, John & Pete
with his 2nd baboon
John's trophies

Michael Tenny & Duke McCaa - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Michael's lion on stealth cam
Michael & Duke
Team with fantastic lion
Michael's first ration elephant
Michael & his old bushbuck
Michael's 2nd perfectly
brain shot elephant
Checking out ancient cave paintings
Duke with his perfectly brained 400 Holland & Holland
Dakota rife
Duke & his buffalo taken with
the saem rifle
Michael's huge duiker
Male & female leopard fighting
Duke's impala
One of the many beautiful
bait sites
The last evening
Duke handing out supplies
at the local school

Dave Barrett - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Dave & his 38" buff
Pedza fly camp - dinning room
Pedza fly camp - tent with
ensuite bathroom
Pedza fly camp - bedroom
Something BIG on the line!
10 foot croc caught by Dave
on a fishing rod!
Dave's 10lbs tiger fish

Greg Collins - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Greg & the team
with his buffalo bull
Greg & his hippo bull
Greg & his 2" grysbok
Greg's tuskless
Greg's civet
Greg's excellent 17" bushbuck
Greg & his impala
Greg's 8lbs tiger
What big teeth a baboon has!
Coming for a closer look

Richard Childree - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Getting a birds eye view
Richard's 37" buffalo
Kingfisher in the reeds
Richard's impala
Rare sight
The team with Richard &
his bushbig

Daryl Youck - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Daryl's fantastic leopard
Daryl's buffalo bull
Daryl & his first bushbuck
Daryl's second bushbuck
Daryl & his warthog
Daryl's grysbok
Impala bait
Daryl's second impala bait

Scott Brown - Makuti - hunt summary
Scott's fantasic 45" dugga boy
Rich & Scott with his buff,
one of seven dugga boys
Scott and his great 40" sable
Rich & Scott with his tuskless
Scott's 55lbs trophy ele bull
Scott & Rich with their bull,
frontal brain shot at 7 yards
Scott's old bushbuck
Young pangolin
Scott & the team with his hyena
Scott's impala
Scott and his impressive
trophy bag
What a sight - a large herd of buffalo

John Martin - Nyakasanga - hunt summary
Driving to camp
Tracking through the bush
John's buffalo with Kobus
John's buffalo
John's fantastic croc
John & his croc
Kobus & John with his warthog
Female kudu
John & his hyena
Kobus & John with his
grysbok & impala
Wild dogs

Giovanni Marcelli - Nyakasanga - hunt summary
Giovanni's tuskless
Buzz & Giovanni with his hyena
Giovanni's hippo bull
Herd of buffalo
Giovanni's kudu
The team with Giovanni
& his warthog
Giovanni's impala
Giovanni with his zebra stallion

Paul Demzik - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Paul's old dugga boy
Paul's buffalo trophy
Paul & his impala

Ron Creusen - Makuti - hunt summary
Rich & Ron with his buffalo
Ron's sable
Ron & Pierre having lunch
Ron's kudu bull

Stephanus Crous - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Fanus's lion
Fanus & his buffalo bull
Fanus's waterbuck
Fanus & his grysbok
Fanus's bushpig

Mike Wittet - Makuti - hunt summary
Mike & the team with his zebra
Mike's 1st buffalo
Close encounter with an ele
The team hanging leopard bait
Myles & Mike with his leopard
Mike's 43.5" buffalo bull
Mike's old hippo bull

Ingo Wojtynia - Makuti - hunt summary
Ingo's buffalo
Ingo's eland bull
Brett's bushbuck
Huge baobab
Glassing the valley
Ingo's warthog
Ingo & his waterbuck

Jytte M - Makuti - hunt summary
Jytte's zebra stallion
Jytte watching the zebra
bait being hung
Hanging bait
Buffalo in the valley
Jytte's tuskless
Nice set of braclets
Glassing the valley
Herd of young female sable
Kudu females
Lunch under a tree
Crossing a spring
Sunset over the valley

Brett Barnes - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Brett's bait buffalo cow
Hanging bait
Brett's bushbuck
An incredible sight, wild dogs.
Brett & Rich with his lioness
Brett and his hyena
Brett's 42.5" buffalo
Brett's 56" kudu bull

Bruce Law - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Bruce with his buffalo bull
Bruce & his trophy bushbuck
Dande fly camp

Nicolas & Alex Limnios - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Nicolas, Alex & the team with
his fantastic buffalo bull
Alex & Nicolas with his warthog
Nicolas & the team with his impala trophy
Nicolas & Alex with his trophy

Ike & Kate - Makuti - hunt summary
Ike, Kate with his old dugga boy, shot at close quarters!
Ike's great 40" buffalo bull
with 16" bosses
Ike's 1st tuskless shot after many hours tracking
Ike's 2nd tuskless shot with his new Krikhoff Double 500/416
Pride of lion watching the hunting party
One of 5 baboons
Ike's grysbok
Big hippo shot on land

Tim Haugh - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
The team tracking buffalo
Buzz & Tim with his buffalo bull
Glassing the valley for ele
Tim's tuskless ele

Momchil - Chewore
Momchil & Myles watching
a herd of elephant
Momchil & his fantastic lioness
Morning coffee around the fire pit
Momchil's baboon
Glassing for elephant
What a bounce
Momchil's hard earned ele bull
Momchil with his buffalo bull
Momchil's superb bushbuck
The perfect dusty sunset
Plamen & Momchil with
their trophies

Michael, Ann, Phiippa & Petra - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
The entire family having a
proper picnic lunch
Picnic on the bank
of the Zambezi River
What a view
Ann & Petra with her impala
for the pot
Philippa with her warthog
for the pot
Hog tied!
Lunch under the trees
Michael relaxing after lunch

Dale & Patty Haner - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Chartering into camp,
Patty admiring the view!
Phillip & Dale with his buffalo bull
Lunch at camp
Dale's second trophy buffalo
One big print!
Walking in the valley
Patty & Dale with his trophies

Jerome Haner - Dande Safari Area - Hunt Summary
Jermone's impala bait
Rich & Jerome with his
leopard trophy
Jerome's early morning hyena
Jerome's fantastic last minute
buffalo bull!

Jack Janicke - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Jack's buffalo bull
Vulture waiting for easy pickings
Jack and his tuskless cow

Marius & Franco Gericke - Dande & Dande East - hunt summary
Coming across a herd of elephant in the distance
Marius & Franco with his klipspringer
Franco's first
tuskless elephant. Well done!
Making a plan!
Marius with his ancient
one eyed dugga boy
Marius with his 5th elephant shot with CMS
Marius ration elephant
Sunset over the valley

Bart Rasmussen - Makuti - hunt summary
Rich & Bart with his hyena
Bart, Peggy & the team with a
buffalo cow bait
Bart passed on this lion
Lunch in the shade of a tree
Hanging the buffalo bait
Bart's lion caught by
stealth cam on the bait
Bart's madala trophy lion
Bart, Peggy & Savannah
Rich & Bart with his
tuskless elephant
Bart's reedbuck
Bart's duiker
Bart's zebra stallion

Mike Jines - Dande & Dande East - hunt summary
Dinner at Buzz's house
Buzz & Mike on safari
Braai at camp for dinner
Mike's hyena in Dande East
Mike's dugga boy
The team with the trophy buffalo
View from the dinning room
Mike's hippo in Dande East
Mike's first tuskless
Lots of bracelets!
Mike's second tuskless
Mike's 54" kudu bull

Bill Clayton - Dande
Only one this century:
full luna eclipse
Bill's 1st tuskless
Ele tail full of hair
Bills' 2nd ele cow
Bill's 60.5" kudu bull
The team
Bill's zebra stallion
Mud fishing

Todd & Garrett Williams - Makuti - Hunt Summary
Part of huge buffalo herd
Garrett & leopard bait
Garrett's zebra stallion
Garrett's baboon
Leopard caught on camera
Stealth cam
Todd's fantastic trophy leopard
Garrett & Todd with
the leopard
Todd's massive tuskless
Llion caught on the stealth cam
Same lion after the leopard bait
Hyena on the leopard bait

Joe Wilcock - Dande East - Hunt Summary
Tracking buffalo
Joe's buffalo
Joe's warthog
Ele getting out of the way

Robert & Teresa Jolly - Dande - Hunt Summary
Bundu bashing!
Rob's first buffalo cow bait
Rob's second buffalo cow bait
Rob's third buffalo cow bait
Hanging bait
Walking through dande
Rob's fantastic ele bull
Slug recovered from poachers atempt on the same ele bull
Rare pangolin
Rob's warthog
Buzz & Rob with their
hard earned trophy lion
A real hyena!
Walking in a dry river bed
What a skull
Teresa, Buzz & Rob
having lunch
Rob glassing the valley

Bryce Cook - Dande - Hunt Summary
Bryce & his dugga boy
Ele dusting himself
Impala bait
Bryce's klipspringer
Trophy sable spotted
Sunset over the valley

Volker & Iris Klohn - Dande - Hunt Summary
Iris, Volker & the team
with an impala bait
Hanging the bait
Buffalo on the ridge at sunset
Volker's dugga boy
The team tracking
Fantastic leopard
Iris pointing the way
Volker's waterbuck

John Williford - Dande - Hunt Summary
John & Alan, a great cat!
Trophy leopard of a life time!
John's trophy buffalo bull
The team with John's baboon

Mikhail Solomentsev - Dande - Hunt Summary
Tracking elephant
Mikhail sitting in the office
Trophy just before the shot
Mikhail's trophy ele bull
Angwa River
Mikhail with the ele shot
in self defense
Mikhail's hyena
Mid morning rest

Kevin Poynter - Dande East
Kevin's ele bull
Kevin's hyena

Nikolay Maslov - Dande - Hunt Summary
Relaxing in the shade
Nikolay & Rich with his lioness
The team with Nikolay &
his trophy
Story telling after the hunt
Still smiling in the
unexpected rain
Injured ele shot by nikolay
Nikolay's impala
The team with Nikolay's

Vladimir Gubarev - Dande - Hunt Summary
Vladimir's dugga boy
Vladimir's +/-50lbs ele bull
Vladimir & alan with his trophy
Recovery of ele tusks

Daryl Stuart - Makuti & Dande
Daryl & his first tuskless
in Makuti
Japie, Jane, Jill & Daryl
enjoying lunch
Richard with Daryl & his
second tuskless in Dande
Sunset in Dande

Ed & Deena Folmar - Dande East - Hunt Summary
Tracking elephant
Walking through the bush
Ele track
Bundu bashing
River crossing
Ed & Rich with his trophy ele
Ed & Deena with his trophy
Mid morning kebab snack

Martin Vick - Dande East - Hunt Summary
Buzz & the team
discussing the best route
Tracking elephant
Fantastic ele track!
The kill shot
Marty's ele bull
Marty & Buzz
with the tusks
The team
Marty's grysbok

Phillip Landry - Dande East - Hunt Summary
Muzzle blast
One ele bull down
Phill enjoying an evening stroll
Thick jesse
2nd ele bull
Overlooking the river
Phill by a pan

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