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2010 click pictures to enlarge

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Fanus & Arno Crous - Dande - hunt summary
Arno's buffalo
Very green
Fanus's buffalo
Farnus's buffalo bosses
Buffalo tracking

Kelly Gill - Dande - hunt summary
Kelly's first tuskless
2nd tuskless
Rains are coming!
Kelly and the team
with his 3rd tuskless

Ron Price - Makuti - 2nd 2010 hunt
Ron's kill shot
Ron's elephant bull
A hard mornings walk
Glassing a herd of buffalo
Ron's bull grysbok
Beautiful klipspringer
Large python
Wild dogs
Ron & his cameleon

Todd Williams - Dande
Todd's huge tuskless
Todd & his sable
Todd's oldest dugga girl

Shaun Leighton & Peter Sharp - Makuti - hunt summary
Shauns tuskless
Mathew, Shaun, Rich &
Peter with his tuskless
Shauns hippo trophy

Mike Wittet - Dande - hunt summary
Mike's mercy killing buffalo
Mike's second buffalo
Myles & Mike with his eland
A bug or 2!

Frank le Goff - Dande - hunt summary
Franks trophy buffalo
Good hard bosses
Frank & his baboon
Franks old bushbuck
Game viewing on the
Fishing for tiger
Very large baobab
Frank & his trophies

Terry McVey - Makuti - hunt summary
Terry's stunning 45lbs ele bull
Pete & Terry with his ele
Terry claiming his trophy
Terry, Pete & the team
Stunning ivory
Terry & Pete showing off!
Pete, ph extraordinaire
Ele up close
Terry's monster grysbok
Terry's duiker
Terry & his reedbuck
Terry looking out over the valley

George Bazos - Makuti - hunt summary
George & his first buffalo
George's 40" buffalo bull
Rich & George's kudu
Superb trophies

KP & CP - Dande - hunt summary
KP's tuskless with the team
KP's klipspringer
CP's impala
KP's baboon
Planning thier next move
What a photo!
A very rare pangolin
Dinner in camp
Fishing the zambezi
CP's tiger fish
Lunch on the river bank
Ele at a safe distance!

Ike & Kate - Makuti - hunt summary
Kate & Ike with his buffalo
Kate on the office with a
sausage tree flower
Lunch in the shade
Tuskless frontal brain shot
Ike & Kate snoozing
60yr old tuskless
Tuskless number 3
Ike & Kate with their
guinea fowl
Ike's baboon
Fishing on the rese river
The catch
End of a goods day fishing

Drew Thigpen - Dande - hunt summary
Drew's 1st buffalo
Relaxing in the shade
Drew's 2nd buffalo
Glassing the valley
Drew & Myles with
a fantastic warthog
Tranquil pool
You have to shoot a baboon
Drew & his trophies

Swen & Melissa Mortenson - Makuti - hunt summary
Swen & his trophy elephant
Swen & Melissa with her eland
Crossing the road
Angry lion!

Warren Munro- Dande - hunt summary
Warren's buffalo
Warren's tuskless
Warren's waterbuck
Warren's impala
The team with
Warren's hyena
Warren & his baboon
Ele on the river bank
A good days fishing!

Joe Manning & Matthew Corkhill - Dande - hunt summary
Matt and his trophy buffalo
Myles & Matt with
his tuskless
Joe & Matt woth his
trophy stallion zebra

David Rothwell & James Marshall - Dande - hunt smmary
David's trophy buffalo
James's trophy buffalo
James's and the team with
his buffalo
James & David
James & his impala
David's trophy impala
The boys!

Buck Curtin - Makuti
Richard & buck with
his buffalo
Buck & his sable
Buck's tuskless

Lee Britt - Dande - hunt summary
Rex & Lee with his buffalo
Perfect heart shot
taken at 60 yards
Clear evidence of the bullet going through the heart
Walking along a dry river bed
Lee's Sable
Egyptian geese

Tim Herald - Dande - hunt summary
Leopard hide
Bait shot for leopard
Tims leopard
Buzz & Tim with his leopard
Nice old dugga boy
Lee, Tim & Skip with
their buffalo trophies
Tim's tuskless
Watching ele bull

Jerry 'Skip' Nantz - Dande - hunt summary
Skip's sable
Hippo bull
Trophy buff shot at 12 yards!
Massive hyena
Nice old warthog
Skip's 4" klipspringer
Trophy impala

David Maple - Dande - hunt summary
David with his leopard bait
Bongi hanging bait
David's big male leopard
The gang with david & darla
Darla & David with his buffalo
Nyaramanu river

Anthony Alaimo - Makuti - hunt summary
Monster leopard
Anthony, Buzz & Blake
All smiles!
Eddie trying to lift the cat
Perfect frontal brain shot
at 20 yards
Big tuskless
Enjoying a well deserved beverage

Joe Wilcock - Dande - hunt summary
Joe's 35" buffalo
Buffalo bull
Sundowners by the camp fire
Joe & Julian with their hyena

Stuart & Sallie Bryant - Makuti - hunt summary
Mom and baby
Stuart with his 38" sable
Well camouflaged
Buff cow for bait
Hanging the bait
Leopard blind
Sallie's monster leopard
Sallie and rich
Lion and lioness
Ele watching closely

Mike Jines - Dande & Mozambique - hunt summary
Mike's big lioness,
shot at 2pm
Mike & the team
Mike's beautiful dugga boy,
with 15" bosses
Hyena surprised on buffalo carcass, 9am
Beautiful 15.5" bushbuck
Tough buffalo cow
Zebra & team
Recovering hippo in swamp
Mike's hippo bull
Mike's hippo bull
Big set of teeth
M 13'6" croc
Croc shot on a bask
with 25 other crocs
Mike's biggest fish ever!

Daryl Youck - Makuti
Daryl's beautiful trophy lion
Daryl & 39" dugga boy
Daryl's buff cow
Zabra stallion

Lynn Kasper - Makuti - hunt summary
Hanging the bait
Lynn's monster leopard
The team
46lbs ele bull
Lunch break
43" sable
42.5" buffalo bull
Snack time
Glassing the valley
Buffalo cow for bait
Sunset over the valley

Richard Gunn - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
2 lions on bait taken by
the stealth cam
A little stuck
Richard's buffalo
Walking along the river
Leopard on bait
caught by stealth cam
Leopard on bait
Leopard on bait
Leopard on bait
Richard's leopard
Richard & Myles with
the trophy leopard
Richard's tuskless & the team
Trophy impala

Robert Jolly & Des Jenking - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Robert's 52lbs ele bull
The team
Robert's leo
Buffalo bull
The illusive lion?
Trophy impala
Walking in dsa
Hyena caught by
the stealth cam
Leopard feeding on bait
caught on stealth cam
Robert's tiger fish
Des's tiger fish

Petr Louda & Zdenek Sedmik - Dande East & Croc in Mozambique - hunt summary
Petr & his 40lbs ele
Zdenek & his 45lbs ele
Petr & his croc
Zdenek & his croc

Gabriele Sbardella - Dande - hunt summary
Gabriele with possibly the biggest valley ele for 2010
Gabrielle & Selvaggia
71lbs ele bull
Gabriele's superb tusks
The team

Ron Price - Dande
Early morning tracking
Leopard print
Ron's 50" kudu
Ron's 21" impala
Buzz, Jino & Ron with
the old boar
Ron's 15" bushbuck
Buff bull shot when it came to inspect the leo blind
Ron's big body lion
Zebra stallion
Ron's old male leopard
Monster ele wounded &
lost in mozambique
Jino & Ron with 21" impala
Unexpected beauty
Ron & Jino with his

Christian Kunz - Dande - hunt summary
Myles & Christian
40" dugga boy
trophy impala
2nd trophy impala
Walked into lion evey day

John Milhiser - Dande - hunt summary
Richard & John with a beautiful deep dropped buffalo bull
John & his impala
Glassing maonde valley where John got his buff

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