Don't Miss Out! Look at the these fantastic 2017 Specials in Zambia & Zimbabwe:

TROPHY GALLERY 2017 . click pictures to enlarge

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RS, CS & ES - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
RS with his impala
RS with a huge python!
RS & his fantastic ele bull
cooking elephant kebabs with Eddie
RS & his hyena
RS with his tuskless
bird shooting with the team
Alan & CS
CS with her impala
Alan with CS & her tuskless
CS & her fantastic leopard
RS having an afternoon snooze
Butch with ES
Butch with ES & his fantastic leopard
Butch & ES with his buffalo bull
the team with ES's hyena
ES filming
RS Client Comment
A fabulous hunt! Fantastic accommodations and excellent meals & staff. The concessions were loaded with lots of Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard & Lion. This is my 3rd time to this area and CMS management program is working. Bonus opportunities for Zebra, Sable, Impala, Hyena and Kudu. PHs were top notch and trackers unbelievable.

FW - Dande Safari Area
FW & his ele bull
FW's fantastic trophy
FW & his buffalo bull
close up of the bosses
Client Comment
Fantastic hunt for elephant on foot in Dande East. Wonderful time in two amazing camps with all the comforts that are needed. For the PH (Len Taylor) and trackers hunting seems to be their passion!

CN & SL - Dande Safari Area
SL & SL Jnr & his impala
CN Jnr & CN
SL Jnr & SL with his buffalo
Buzz, SL & SL Jnr & his impala
CN Jnr & his guinea fowl
CN & his impala
fire ants

DT- Dande Safari Area
DT & his fantastic sable
Buzz with DT & his klipspringer
DT & his zebra stallion
DT with his tuskless elephant

HA - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
HA & his sable
HA & his duiker
HA with his hippo bull
distribution of hippo meat from the air
HA's tuskless

RS - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
JS in the boat with his croc
JS with the team & his croc
one big croc
RS & the team with his buffalo
RS & his buffalo
Ross & RS with his buff
JS & his hippo
RS with his bushbuck
JS & RS with his tiger fish
Ross & RS with his croc
JS & his hyena

MB - Dande Safari Area
GC & MB arrive at camp
York with MB & his buffalo cow bait
GC with MB & his impala
MB & his duiker
MB & his zebra stallion
Waiting in the blind
York with MB & his fantastic leopard
York holding MB's leopard
GC with MB & his hyena
GC with his wild cat
York with MB & his hippo bull
MB with his jackal

TM - Dande Safari Area
TM with his bushbuck
TM & his tuskless
Alan & TM sharing a joke with his tuskless
Alan & TM with his hippo
TM & his hyena
Sable in the cross hairs
TM & his sable

BC - Hammond Ranch - hunt summary
BC's zebra stallion
BC & his impala
The team with BC & his buffalo cow
Bird rescued from a net trap
The team with BC's wildebeest

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