CMS owns and hunts in the Dande North and East concessions in Northern Zimbabwe. As of 2012 we have bought out our neighbours, who were hunting on the North and South of us, meaning now that we have TOTAL control of the Dande North and East areas. These areas are adjacent and means that CMS hunts the largest concession in Zimbabwe. It is with out doubt the best dangerous game area in the Zambezi Valley!

We have 100% success on elephant bulls and have had the highest Valley average for the last 3 years. There are numerous resident elephant bulls in Dande but an added bonus is our 20 odd km boundary with Mozambique which is well worth checking as we do get some super bulls coming in especially early season. It is good classical tracking hunting and gives you the best over all elephant experience. If its tuskless that you are after Dande has hundreds of elephant cows and if hunted hard, you will experience numerous approaches and have no problem finding one.

On Buffalo hunts we have a 100% success rate, with animals having good hard bosses. The nice thing with hunting Dande is that there are large numbers of resident buff- both herds and Dugga boys which means you will track and see buff every day before shooting your bull which is what a quality buff area should offer- unlike other areas the Dande does not rely on buff needing to cross in from another area before you have the chance to hunt them.

We have far too many lions in our area and with a very conservative quota it goes with out saying that we have been very successful on lion. The Valley leopard are not as big as the lowvelt cats however they are chunky cats averaging out at around the 130lbs mark and are very numerous in Dande and in the last 10 years there has only been two failures and considering that we get 9 leopard tags a year Dande has had plenty of happy leopard hunters!

Plains game animals are there but one has to work hard on them as is the rest of the Zambezi valley and one could expect 3 to 4 plains game animals on a 10 day hunt. We also have a little camp on the Zambezi river which one can go and catch tiger fish and bream or game view from in the stunning Mapata Gorge

By clicking on the camp names:   Dande North Safari Area (DSA)   .   Dande East (DE)  or on the map below, you will be able to view images of the accommodation, read about the area, and examine a static and interactive Google Earth satellite image as well.

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