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Elephant Bull Hunts

Elephant hunting is the purest form of hunting in Africa. CMS prides ourselves in embracing this. Our PHs have amazing trackers and hunting the bulls of the Zambezi Valley on foot is the most rewarding hunt you can ever experience.

Tracks are looked for and normally found early morning and the hunt begins. On average the tracking session last for about 4 odd hours before one catches up to the bull.

We sell both 14 day hunts as well as 10 day specials. If time permits we strongly suggest 14 days. On a 10 day hunt you will on average track and look at about 15 to 20 bulls. While we have shot several bulls well over 50lbs a side the trophy expectancy should be between 35 and 40 lbs. The ivory is very attractive as it is long and slender. Traditionally early season been march and july have been the best times. Late season from october onwards can also been rewarding.

Tuskless Cow Hunts

Many people feel that they would never be able to afford to hunt elephant. This is where tuskless cow hunting comes into its own. You may not have any tusks to export but the experience you will gain will have you returning time and time again for tuskless.

Like the elephant bulls this hunt is done on foot and experiencing great trackers in action is an amazing experience in itself. Tracks are found early morning and tracking sessions are traditionally shorter then the bulls.

Considering that on average 3% of elephant cows are tuskless and one will be looking for an older cow with no dependant calf one has to look over many elephant. This is the fun part of the hunt and you will have maximum interaction with lots of elephant. This is probably the most dangerous hunt available.

Buffalo Hunts

The Dande is famous for its large herds of buffalo that are permanently in the area. Unlike other areas one does not have to patrol borders looking for buffalo that may or may not come into the area. With over 4000 buff in our areas at any one time you are guaranteed to track and see buffalo every day.

There are two types of buffalo hunts. The first is tracking and hunting one of the large herds in the area. These herds can have up to 600 buffalo in them. In these herds there are always several good bulls. Getting in a position for a shot can at times be hard but with persistence and patience one eventually does get their opportunity.

The second type of hunt is to follow a single or group of old “dugga boys” these are old bulls over 12 years old that have been kicked out of the herds and live solitary lives. These old bulls have been around the block. They have been chased by hunters and lions alike in the past and are a very worthy trophy being well beyond their prime!

Whether you hunt the herds or dugga boys, this hunt is a traditional hunt and involves finding tracks early morning and tracking the buff on foot. The Zambezi valley has varied terrain but as a whole it is quite thick and as a result the shots are on average 50 yards or closer.

Lion Hunts

For many years trophy lion quotas were way to high in the Zambezi valley. This resulted in too many inferior trophies been harvested. Then several years ago there was an minimum age limit of 5 years old imposed.

This has had an amazing effect on the quality and quantity on trophy lions in the Dande as well as the whole valley. We have been stringent with this rule. Despite the fact that we have 5 lions on licence we are only hunting 2 a year. Combine this with the fact that we have Chewore north as our western boundary that have stopped hunting, as well as Mozambique in the east that have only one lion on licence we are collecting two amazing lions a season. Both lions shot last year were aged at 7 years and older and as a result Allan, who was the PH won best lion shot in Zimbabwe for the year.

Lions are hunted on bait as well as tracking. All of our PHs have excellent trackers and a lion successfully hunted on foot is the pinocle of dangerous game hunting

Leopard Hunts

Leopard hunting in the Dande is unmatched in Zimbabwe. We have 10 leopards on licence and for the last 10 years we have had a 90% plus success rate. What is also great is that most of these cats are shot in broad day light also.

Hunting is done by baiting and we like to combine a buffalo with the leopard hunt as when you get the buffalo you also have sufficient bait to be successful on leopard.