Name WK
Buzz Charlton
Previous Safari

2 previous hunts with CMS

Present Safari

DSA - Double Buffalo & Hippo



PH Comment

Having hunted with WK twice with our first safari being 22 years ago, I had the pleasure and honour of WK bringing RK, his beautiful and charming wife to shoot her first buffalo.

I am afraid I threw RK in the deep end by hunting the wily old dagga boys of the villages that lived in the thickest bush around the villages, often covered in buffalo beans. At times we were 10 feet from these old bulls and we could not see them. RK was calm and collected at all times so fun to hunt with an she was rewarded after lots of walking with one of the finest old buffalo I have ever guided someone on.

We then also had a hugely exciting on land hippo hunt along the Zambezi, which RK did herself proud on.

Then it was WK’s turn. We again focused on the old village dagga boys for WK’s 8th buffalo. After many frustrating tracking sessions where the thick bush made it impossible for a shot, we eventually caught up with an old ugly dagga boy that WK perfectly shot.

A highlight for me was sharing RK’s 60th birthday on the banks of the Zambezi. It has been a privilege to spend 10 quality days with a quality family. I look forward to next time. 

Client Comment

Thanks to Buzz and his team for an amazing hunt yet again. Rita buff was simply amazing and my dugga boy in the village was a hunt like I have never experienced before. Matombo camp was out of this world and the camp staff were excellent. I look forward to our hunt next year in Mozambique and the following in Zambia! Thank you!

- WK, July 2018


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