Name ST
Buzz Charlton
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Present Safari

DSA - Buffalo & Sable


.375 Blazer
Swift A Frame & Barnes X

PH Comment

When we booked the hunt we decided to try the East early season and it was a great choice. ST got a truly tremendous buffalo that had everything one dreams about with a 14” boss and 111 SCI. the next day we tracked a group of sable and ST got a magnificent old 39” bull that had lion battle scars all over it. We also had a very exciting hyena hunt with the full moon resulting in a very smelly old dog. A great impala, duiker and old baboon with the longest teeth I have ever seen, topped off an amazing 10 days in the wild Zambezi Valley. One of the few areas that is truly wild. Hunting with ST has been nothing short of a pleasure, he is fit, undemanding and to top it off, enjoys a whisky and a cigar by the camp fire at night. The perfect client and I am looking forward to the next buff with ST.

Client Comment

Hunted with Buzz in the Dande East for buff early season. Pleased with my hunt would be an understatement. I was able to score on big buff on day 1 after a bit of a chase and great tracking by Nyati and Criton. Big hard bossed 39” plus….AWESOME! Buzz also had sable on licence and was able to connect on a big sable bull on day 2. Sable was well tracked and a proper hunt. In the east was also able to take duiker, hyena, impala and baboon, all of great trophy quality. Also hunted in the North from Mururu camp, a very beautiful location. Chased and tracked kudu and bushbuck but they evaded us in the thick bush. Next time. Spent an afternoon fishing on the Zambezi and was able to land a tigerfish as well as seeing hippo, croc and elephant. On our last evening of hunting a large herd of buffalo was spotted and we were able to get above them in the river bottom. We watched them close up for a while, the herd had 2 big bulls in it, a proper send off. CM Safaris exceeded my expectations in every way. Hunting, camps and staff were all excellent. Many thanks to Buzz for a great experience. Till next time… Cheers.

- ST, May 2018


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