Name JK
Buzz Charlton
Previous Safari

3 previous hunts with CMS

Present Safari

Hammond Ranch, Save Valley - Buffalo & Elephant Bull


.450 VC & .416 CZ
Wooleigh & TSX

PH Comment

This was the 4th CM Safari for JT and my 3rd with him. It got off to a disastrous start as United Air lost Joseph’s guns and as a result we lost 5 days of hunting when they eventually arrived and we were left with 9 days hunting only.

Thankfully that was the end of the bad luck and in the end we were even able to take off the last day to relax. JT yet again side brained a huge bodied 40lbs bull at 25 yards with his double (which was great). We then got a magnificent 13 year old dagga boy after an exciting follow up which JT also used his 450 double, to put an end to an otherwise very aggressive old bull. We were also lucky enough to get a bushpig and a couple of zebra. All in all an amazing 9 days with JT and I look very much forward to another adventure next year.

Client Comment

I was amazed and was very impressed with your trackers’ outstanding skill to track my wounded games; even dropped bloods were tiny and only occasionally found in the tall grasses. My less practice with the double rifle this year made me pull the same front triggers twice for 3 occasions, and I will practice for use of double triggers much more and may buy a shot gun with double triggers to shoot skeet for proficiency. I will get thorough familiar with my double rifle to shoot short succession of the left barrel before 2019 hunts. Thank you Buzz for a wonderful hunt with you and your team this year as well. I will definitely try off-hands frontal brain shot against Elephant next year.

- JT, July 2018


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