Name GW
Alan Shearing
Previous Safari

2016 - Buffalo

Present Safari

DSA - Double Buffalo


Blazer R93
Handloads with Northfork & Barnes X

PH Comment

GW booked this hunt for a big buff, so we decided on the East. On day 4 we followed 5 dagga boys +/-4 hours and ended up on 2. They jumped up in front of us at 37 yards, the biggest facing us. A quick decision to shoot and GW shot him off hand, dropping him with a neck/throat shot. He measured 42”.

The 2nd buff was taken on day 9 after getting on tracks of a large herd early in the morning. By 8am GW had his 2nd big buff (41”) down. We did see another big buff a few days earlier, but it went into Mozambique. An amazing hunt with 2 incredible buffalo. We failed on hyena, which gave us a large dose of humble pie. 2 impala were taken and we searched for a warthog.

Some interesting animals seen in the East were African wildcat, caracal, porcupine and honey badger.

Client Comment

I am still on Cloud Nine as I pen these comments on my recent hunt with CMS. A maiden CMS hunt in 2016 fuelled a yearning to return and hunt anew for a Dande Dugga Boy. Buzz suggested that Dande East was worth a shot and fortuitously late rains filled numerous pans sufficiently to keep Buff resident in numbers and thus enabling a number of tracking hunts. PH Alan Shearing and his team of Maplan, Martin and driver Bernardi guided me to my 2016 Dagga Boy and so we reunited for this Dagga Boy hunt in Dande East. During some fine hunting we managed to bring two great Buff to bag with the pinnacle being the hunt leading to the first Dagga Boy on which Maplan and Martin did an astounding tracking job over 12 tortuous kilometers to place me at 37 yards for my initial offhand shot. Hunting Dagga Boys is one of the greatest forms of hunting I have ever known. Seeing this Buff down is a moment I will never forget.

Buzz and Myles run a great outfit at CMS and wise game management provides ample DG hunting opportunity. Very well organised camps cater for your comfort and enjoyment. This will not be my last hunt in Zimbabwe with CMS.

My thanks again to the hunt team of Alan, Maplan, Martin, Bernardi and Game Scout / Dapu Scout Five, and the Karunga Camp staff Alpha, George, Simba, Rhino and Edwin.

- GW, July 2018


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