Name EP
Buzz Charlton
Previous Safari


Present Safari

Nyakasunga - Buffalo


.375 & .458 Lott

PH Comment

It was a pleasure to hunt with EP in the amazing Nyakasanga area. Apart from great hunting success. We saw wild dogs several times, 8 different male lion, Bozwell the amazing elephant bull, loads of hyenas in the day time and untold numbers of plains game.

EP shot a magnificent old dugga boy out of 15 dugga boys. He also shot his Tuskless at less than 15 yards. We got a great impala but were made to struggle with the grysbok and warthog. We saw lots of female grysbok and missed a male but eventually got a great one. We tracked several warthogs for hours, jumping them several times and finally getting a massive pig to finish off an awesome hunt with a great guy.

Client Comment

What a fantastic, once in a lifetime trip!

I hunted Tuskless Elephant and Buffalo with Buzz in the Nyakasanga area. To say I had a successful hunt doesn’t express it properly. The hunt and the service from the entire staff and team exceeded every expectation.  I appreciate, very much, the pursuit of mature animals and the focus on all aspects of the experience. Thanks again guys.

- EP, Oct 2018


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