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Len Taylor
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DSA - Elephant


North Fork

PH Comment

The hunt started in Dande East. 1/4/18   On the first Day of the hunt I could see there were no Bulls around. Never the less because of all the reporting from the manager of big Bulls I decided to stay on for a few more days we stayed there 4 days in total.
After being told where the bulls were by the manager, we located a group of about 4 or 5 animals, one track was 17" and that was the biggest track we found the other tracks suggested that they might even be 4 cows or at the least 4 very small bulls. We followed them around for 2 days but were never able to get a look at them due to the wind always being bad for us.

We then moved to Pedza, we were able to find one or two tracks that were good bulls, the one we shot on day 7 we had seen his track the day we arrived.
The two Bulls were separate and moving alone, the bull we got joined up with a big cow and a few sub adult elephants that were following the cow. The bull was in Must!.

We got him late in the afternoon in the block west of Pedza camp, on his way back to the fields at Pedza villages.
This was day 7

We spent the next 3 days looking for a zebra, which we never found. But we did get a good impala in the east before we moved camp

Client Comment

I had a great classic elephant hunt. Everything promised was delivered and the trackers and PH were the best I’ve hunted with.

- DS, April 2018


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