Name DK
Alan Shearing
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DSA - 3 Buffalo


.470 NE Kreighoff & Kimber .416 Rem Mag
Handloaded wooleigh softs & solids

PH Comment

Day on we found a herd late afternoon, so went back and followed next morning. Caught them laying down, wait 2 hours, got a shot at a bull at midday, but missed. Walked out, had lunch and rested. Then went back and got another chance at the same bull, but this time shot was good and bull went down. Next day we relaxed, went for a drive in the evening and saw a big herd with some bulls. So day 4 we went to find them. We found them by 6am and got ahead of them, taking 2nd bull as they were crossing a river. In the afternoon we again went for a rive and found where 3 dagga boys were living, so 6.30am the next day we were on tracks for an hour and shot one the 3 dagga boys (open sight as DK’s scope mount broke) at 70 yards. 40” bull.

We then decided to get a permit for Elephant, so had 2 days on ele, found 5 bulls, but nothing of size. We spent the remainder of the days looking over buff, got close and had good experiences, but never saw anything shootable.

Client Comment
This is the second hunt that I have done with CMS. The first was wth Buzz where we shot an elephant bull and unfortunately wounded and lost a buffalo that crossed into Mozmabique- this time I came back for a short buffalo hunt with Alla. Allan is an excellent hunter and we ended up on 10 days shooting 3 old buffalo! Thanks Allan and CMS for an amazing hunt – everything was perfect

- DK, Sept 2018


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