Name BK
Len Taylor
Previous Safari

2016 - Buffalo

Present Safari

DSA - Buffalo


.76 Steyr
Custom loads

PH Comment

We spent 7 days at Matombo camp. Shot buffalo out of a big herd. There were only 2 other shootable buffalo in the herd. We never saw any waterbuck. We did have a shot at a good bushbuck. TF was slow on his sticks. In the East, the sable was the target. Took about 3 to 4 days to get the correct map coordinates as we to where sable had been seen. But water was dry, we followed sable and saw 6 on one day but none shot as sable were going with the wind. We did see the group on the air strip near the camp. Very small bull with them. Saw a lot of Roan. Impala we did see a few shootable rams, TF did have a shot but missed. We saw 3 very nice male lions at poachers pan. The lions were following a big group of buffalo. 3 year old lions. BK also shot a very nice big Warthog in the East

Client Comment

You know what very few coincidences in hunting – Dande is great area run by a great company. Good men all round thank you for a dream safari - it was unforgettable and I will be back!

- BK, July 2018


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