Name Stefan Zayer
Myles McCallum
Previous Safari


Present Safari

Chewore - 3 Tuskless


.470 NE

PH Comment

This was truly a thoroughly enjoyable hunt! The team got us on to an average of 7 to 8 herds of elephant cows per day and we saw +/-200 cows in 6 days, which made our lives easy. Stefan’s first elephant nearly perfect brain shot. Very exciting as the rest of the herd considered charging. Mark’s elephant, a perfectly executed frontal and more excitement from the rest of the herd. Stefan’s second elephant was a bit low on the first shot but backup shot was spot on through the pelvis and then the heart with the 470 NE. 3 tuskless in 6 days. Good fun!


Client Comment

Having hunted in Zimbabwe many times, this hunt stands out head and shoulders above the rest. Excellent team and lots of fun in an amazing area.

- Stefan, December 2014



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