Name Mike Wittet
Myles McCallum
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5 previous hunts with Myles

Present Safari

Dande Safari Area - Buffalo


Rifle 375 H&H
Federal Premium

PH Comment

Another great hunt with Mike – and our eighth buffalo together in six trips! We decided to hunt out of Mukanga camp this year to see some new country. There were lots of herds about but we wanted dagga boys if possible. I think because of lion’s pressure the dagga boys were in the herds ... and it took us few days to work that out! Anyhow pressure mounted but on the 7th day Buzz’s tracker Nyati called us on radio and told us of a group of dagga boys he had seen sleeping and gave us the GPs coordintates. We walked in there and tracked them a short distance (they had moved). We bumped them once and then on the second time Mike got his chance and made no mistake, dropping a 40 inch bull at 120 paces with a perfect high lung shot.

That left us feeling that we were entitled to a few scotches to celebrate!

As usual good fun and a hunt all of us look forward to greatly each year.


Client Comment

Another great hunt. Being unfit, it took me some days to keep up with Bongi and Myles, but we came right on day 7 of 8 with a nice 40” buffalo bull. Mukanga camp is just great and Charters food really fantastic. Well done all, and many thanks Myles for the annual experience.

- Mike, October 2013



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