Name Greg & Wendy Shoemaker
Blake Wilhelmi
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Present Safari

Dande Safari Area - BUffalo, Sable & Croc


Blazer .300 Win Mag/ .416 Rem Mag
Premier Trophy Bonded Softs/Solids

PH Comment

Firstly thank you Greg & Wendy. It was lovely spending time with you and meeting such lovely folks. Hope to see you in Texas!

We started the hunt in Karunga, where we hunted hard for a lovely dugga boy and sable. Taking the sable on day 2. It gave us good time to spend on buffalo. Which worked out well with Greg bagging an old 38” bull with 15” bosses. What a hunt it was, having missed an opportunity early on in the hunt with the same dagga boy. We got him on the 7th hunting day.

We then spent our 8th day hunting a crocodile up in the Hunyani River. The true cultural tour and a 12.8ft crocodile, was a memorable one for all. This left us with good time for plains game and fishing, spending the last 4 days on the Zambezi fishing and hunting bushbuck and kudu. And not to forget one hyena experience in the East.


Client Comment

It was an awesome hunt and experience. The entire team went above and beyond to make this safari successful. We worked hard and took some trophies to be proud of including buffalo, sable, crocodile, kudu, hyena and impala. Even more important were the personal relationships and experiences that we will remember and cherish. My non-hunting wife will be telling all about this for years to come.

- Greg, August 2013



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