Name Jeff Norman
Rich Tabor
Previous Safari


Present Safari

Dande North - tuskless


.416 Ruger CZ
Hornady 400 grain DGX/DGE

PH Comment

On the first afternoon we did some fishing on the river with Jeff landing a catfish. The first day of hunting we saw a few herds of elephant with a tuskless in one large herd late that evening but passed her up, got up nice and close so Jeff could see some reference points. Day 2 had an early start, got on to some cow tracks by 9am and by 10am we caught up to them after glassing the herd, we found a large tuskless, started to get into position then the whole herd got a gust of our wind but luckily came our way with the tuskless in front. Jeff made a perfect frontal brain shot dropping her at +/-15 yards. Awesome hunt. Days 3-7 we spent chasing waterbuck and bushbuck and heyna with some fishing involved with Jeff landing a 50lbs vundu on his first cast of that day. On day 5 Jeff got his bushbuck and day 7 we finally connected with an old waterbuck bull in the mountains. Nice hunt, good way to end the safari. Well don Jeff, good shooting done with open sights.

Client Comment

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