Name Bob Narramore
Blake Wilhelmi
Previous Safari


Present Safari

Dande Safari Area - Buff, Zebra


Ruger M77, 416 Rigby
Barnes X

PH Comment

Bob shot a lovely zebra on the first day. We tracked a group of 6 buffalo bulls for 2 days and Bob got a lovely 39” bull from the group. Seeing very good potential in two young soft top bulls carrying 40”+/- spread. Good for future hunts for the Dande. We then spent some time on plains game and a hyena. Getting 2 baboons. We had a crack a hyena but lost it due to rifle stock coming loose.

We then spent some lovely time fishing the mighty Zambezi. Trying hard and getting quite a few runs on the tiger side. Frustrating when your live baits come back chomped in half just before the hook. It was enjoyable spending time with you Bob, hunting and fishing.


Client Comment

I had a great time. I took a very nice buffalo that was much better than I could ever have expected. The food in the camp was excellent. Blake and I fished the Zambezi and managed to catch a few nice tiger fish. The scenery on the river was amazing. I enjoyed hunting and fishing with Blake, he is a very knowledgeable PH.

- Bob, October 2013



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