Name John & Gail Martin
Alan Shearing
Previous Safari

nyakasange - Buffalo

Present Safari

Dande - Buffalo


CMS- Blazer 375 H&H

PH Comment

The first day we took it very slowly and only left camp at 11am. So we spent most of the day driving around. The 2nd day we went out and found a herd of buffalo, tracked for +/-1 hour and caught them in a nice big open “vlei”. There was a nice old dagga boy at +/-160 yards, so John took him. The bullet hit him perfectly on the left shoulder, going through both lungs and stopping under the skin on the opposite shoulder. He went +/-30 yards and went down. We then approached closer and administered 4 more shots to keep him quiet. The next morning was spent relaxing around the camp and we had a small scenic drive and walk. In the afternoon we went for a short walk and John shot a nice old warthog, which turned and ran at full speed towards us, causing a little excitement. John did manage to drop him before the hog got too close. The next morning we did some walking, and then spent a relaxing afternoon in camp. The rest of the safari was spent relaxing, with the odd small walk and drive and then 2 days at the river with Graham.


Client Comment

This was another great trip with CM Safaris and the Charlton family. Hu nting wasn’t my first priority but I did have another cape buffalo in mind. Alan was a perfect match as he not only found a buffalo for me, he also was mindful of Gail being with me. He showed us the very interesting flora and fauna in the area we hunted. Also I will never forget bonus, a warthog who charged us and create quite a bit of excitement. I can still hear Alan’s voice elevating – shoot, Shoot, SHOOT! The camps were all very comfortable and we ended the 10 days with Graham at Zambezi, a camp with a beautiful view. We then shared a flight back to Harare with John & Romona from Texas. Buzz, Steff and Zoe then took us to their cottage in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe for a few days of rest, relaxation and some stream fishing. A wonderful ending.

- John, August 2013



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