Name Marius Gericke
Buzz Charlton
Previous Safari

2011 - Dande Safari Area, Tuskless & Buffalo

Present Safari

Dande Safari Area - Double buffalo & tuskless


500 Jefferies for the buff and 500 merkel for the els

PH Comment

Marius has been out with us numerous times and 3rd time with me. As always our hunt was not only successful but a lot of fun. Marius always comes out with the right attitude and never puts pressure on the team as he understands that hunting is hunting and short of putting in 100% effort there is not much else on can do. With this attitude Marius has enviably been successful to the extreme. On this hunt we were under a time deadline as there was some issues going on at home for marius at work and he was on a 24 hour call back situation. As a result we started hunting in top gear and we shot 2 beautiful old dugga boys with Marius 500 jeffery with open sights and the concentrated on the 2 tusk less which we were successful on all in 8 days!! What a great hunt and what a great time spent with a good friend in the bush. The only downfall in Marius character is that he would not share a nice cigar with me in the evenings- otherwise he is about as good a hunting partner one could wish for! Looking forward to the next adventure Marius!!!


Client Comment

There is a fact that states “ The only  time you know how good your insurance company is, is when  you claim”. With my previous hunt with Charlton McCallum Safaris  and because of  my own doing, we needed a plane urgently to get medical attention for my son. Between Buzz and his business partner Myles,  a charter plane was in the Safari area an hour later and an hour later my son got the needed medical attention. This  scheduled 14 day hunt starting a week late, due to work commitments, with the hunt  being reorganised with  Buzz and the whole 14 day hunt moved forward by a week. In between the satellite phone calls to work and the ever present chance that I could leave on short notice the hunt  for two tuskless  elephant and  two Buffalo Bulls continued. This surely must have been frustrating for Buzz trying to find Buffalo and tuskless elephant, with a client dragging civilization with on a dangerous game hunt. Ever the consummate professional, Buzz did a great job in keeping the momentum going  on this safari, and the two Tuskless and 2 Buffalo bulls in 9 days attested to his abilities as a true professional. As ever, the trackers were brilliant following spoor,  the regular 10 to 20 kilometre walks  reminded me that hunt were conducted in the correct manner and even with all this exercise my bathroom scale at home told the story of the exceptional menu’s we were presented  with and enjoyed during the hunt.

As with insurance companies, you only know your Safari Company is top rated when incidences, outside of their control and doing , can be efficiently handled and you as a client (the reason for the problems)  is still treated as a client and every effort is made to ensure that your hunt is still a success. Depending on my son’s abilities to finish his University studies within the curriculum‘s allotted time period, I will be back hunting with Charlton McCallum Safaris  hopefully very soon.


- Marius, July 2013



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