Name Jerry & Brian Jurena
Rich Tabor
Previous Safari


Present Safari

Dande Safari Area - Bushbuck, Sable & Tuskless


338 Ruger / 500 NE Krieghoff
Woodleigh Weldcore/Solids

PH Comment

Jerry and Brian did a few days fishing on the river with Jerry landing an 8 pound tiger. Then it was off to Mururu camp for 8 days hunting. Day 1, we saw some elephant cows, lion, leopard and hyena., but not tuskless.  

Day 2 more elephant were seen, 1 tuskless, but she had a calf with her. Brian shot himself and awesome bushbuck that day.

Day 3, we followed a herd of cows, 1 big tuskless, so the hunt was on. Jerry shot his tuskless with a frontal brain then a shot in the chest just in case just before we had to vacate the scene with an angry tusked cow after us, but we managed to shout her down.

Day 4, was sable day. We decided to go to the west side of DSA to the hills. We spotted a small herd on top of a ridge with a nice bull with them, after a 3 hour stalk up a few mountains, Jerry bagged himself a beautiful sable bull. Then it was the recovery skin/cut and carry back down.

Day 5-8 was spent looking for grysbok and hyena. The grysbok being like lightning when seen and the hyenas not co-operating but a good hunt had. Well done to Brian and Jerry, hope to see you guys soon for that double tuskless.


Client Comment

We left the states on August 15th and arrived in Harare on the 17th. The first night we spent at a very nice Bed and Breakfast in Harare. The next morning we flew to the fishing camp on the Zambezi River. We stayed in tents overlooking the River. The sights and sounds were great. We listened to Hippos most of the night. The tents were very comfortable; lights, full bathroom with hot water. Fishing the Zambezi river was a real treat; every day we saw: elephants, hippos, crocodiles, a variety of planes game animals and a lot of baboons. We both caught tiger fish weighting from 4 to 8 pounds.

On the 20th we moved to the Mururu camp. Our PH was Richard Tabor; Richard’s team consisted of three trackers and two game rangers on the hunts. In camp there was another team to take of us. The teams were extremely hard working, and knowledgeable. We were on a tusk-less elephant hunt and were tracking elephants the first day. Our walks were two to three hours before catching up with the elephants; Richard and the team got us up close each time, very exciting. On the third day we were able to locate a tusk-less elephant and got to within 20 or 25 yards of them, the bush was too thick and we had to move to get a clear shot. As we were moving so were the elephants and we came together at the top of a rise, about 41 yards apart. The next 15 seconds I really do not remember, I made a frontal brain shot and had my elephant. This was a rush, an adrenalin high that I cannot explain. I will be doing this again. It is hunting at its best. I cannot say enough about the hunt, our PH Richard or the team.

I also took a 37 inch Sable. My son took a Chobe Bushbuck and a Baboon. While hunting we saw Cape Buffalo, Kudu and Hyenas. As my son said this is real hunting we have to come back, and we will.

The whole team was great; from the staff in Harare to the camp personal there was nothing lacking.

- Jerry, August 2013



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