Name Simon Hall
Alan Shearing
Previous Safari


Present Safari

Dande Safari Area - Double Buffalo


Westly Richards 375 H&H
Handloaded with Woodleigh softs & solids

PH Comment

We struggled to find a bull for the first 4 days. We found 2 or 3 herds everyday. We then found a herd that was far from roads on day 5 and after a good hard walk we managed to shoot the first buffalo-good old dagga boy. The next day we spent doing the recovery in the morning. In the afternoon on day 6 we tracked another herd, got in close and took a nice mature herd bull at +/-70 yards-perfect heart shot. Simon also collected 2 warthogs and 2 baboons. Good hunt for a hot October.


Client Comment

Fully satisfied with the hunt. The camp was very comfortable and ran very smoothly- Alan was a great PH and a fine companion!"

- Simon, October 2013



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