Name Phillip Durrett
Myles McCallum
Previous Safari


Present Safari

Dande Safari Area - Buffalo with Bow


Bow – 90lbs Matthews

PH Comment

What an amazing and intense hunt! We had a magnificent stalk on a big old dagga boy on an island in the Zambezi. He was feeding on acacia albida pods in the late evening and Bongi spotted him from high up in a tree. We made a 45 minute stalk, finally we were able to get up to 28yards from him and Phil sent his arrow through both lungs and got 100% penetration. The old bull only made 50 metres and was dead in under 2 minutes. An incredible hunt all around. Very, very intense and satisfying.


Client Comment

This hunt was well beyond my expectations. The service, facilities, hunting area, trackers, PH and videographer were just perfect. I could not have wished for a better opportunity to realize a dream. To bow hunt a trophy cape buffalo and be successful on the first trip and to do it the right way was a dream come true. Myles, thank you for everything.

- Phillip, September 2013



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