Name Buzz A
Blake Wilhelmi
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Present Safari

Dande Safari Area - Buff, Loepard & Hyena


.375/338 & 458 Lott, Ruger M77
Barnes TSX

PH Comment

Being October and hunting Leopard meant we needed bait. So on the first morning of the hunt, last vehicle out of camp we spotted 3 buffalo bulls from the road. A short tracking session on the sticks at 7:20am and buzz bagged a lovely dagga boy. Quick work was made and we were hanging baits with a  small change of weather. Rain in October! So our first night of baits and more importantly our drags got washed over. Meanwhile shooting a few baboons and bagging a hyena during our bait checking runs. We got back the hot October temperatures and needed fresh bait. Buzz opted for buffalo cow as the impala made it difficult for us and we needed surplus baits to rehang. By day 9 we had 9 cats on bait. And it all happened at 7pm on day 10 of the safari. Buzz had a perfect angled shot and bagged a lovely tom in ward 2 Campfire area. All in all was a great hunt and thanks to Buzz and the team.


Client Comment

Fantastic hunt. A true proper hunt. Despite being October and the heat, we were blessed with several cool mornings. We were fortunate to get a buffalo the 1st morning to start baiting. After only a couple of days we had 2 cats on bait, a female and a small male. Then the work really began. Shoot bait, hang bait, check bait. The crew really worked hard and on day 8 we had 8 cats on bait. Finally on day 10 we had a good male feeding and decided to sit. A blind was built and we settled in for what turned out to be only 2 hours, following a few tense moments of listening to the cat in the tree my PH gave me the go ahead. Fortunately the leopard was dead at the bottom of the tree. This safari was a wonderful experience due to an outstanding team and true professionals. Thanks for a wonderful hunt.

- Buzz, October 2013



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