Name Robert Schofield
Blake Wilhelmi
Previous Safari


Present Safari

Dande Safari Area - Buffalo & Bushbuck


.450 #2 NE custom made for Bob
TSX Barnes, Barnes solids, Woodleigh Softs

PH Comment

We hunted from the Chihuche Fly Camp for 4 days. We got on to a lot of buffalo in Ward 11 area. Not finding what we were looking for we then decided to go and find a whole lot more buffalo in Dande Safari Area. Taking a lovely 16 ½ “ Bushbuck which Bob made an excellent shot at 80 yards with his double. And finding a lovely old dugga boy for dugga boy Bob. It all came together on our 7th hunting day where we spent the day working on 5 bulls together. And the end result was a lovely hunt all in all with a true gentleman. Thanks Bob, great hunting with you.


Client Comment

When I arrived I said I wanted to “hunt” buffalo.  Blake quickly adapted the hunt to my ability. We got on to Buffalo every day, usually twice a day. We looked at and turned down numerous bulls, with Blake always keeping my goals in mind. I can’t imagine a better hunt. Numerous times when the wind got us we would pick the trail back up and within a couple of hours we would find the buffalo again. Blake always took the time to explain what we were doing and what the trackers told him. Without Blake’s persistence I don’t believe we would have gotten such a good trophy.

The camps are scenic and comfortable and the food has been exceptional. As good a safari as I have ever been on.

- Bob Schofield, September 2012



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