Name Ron Price
Buzz Charlton
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Present Safari

Sapi - Baboon, bushbuck, elephant, tuskless, grysbok, hyena, impala, 2 impala bait, kudu, leopard, warthog, zebra


500 Searcy, 404 Jefferies

PH Comment

This was my 3rd hunt with Ron. As with the previous 2, hunting with Ron was a pleasure. Ron is a hard hunter who is prepared to put in all that is required plus more to get good trophies and our results proved it. On the 3rd day Ron shot a magnificent elephant bull with great frontal shot with his 500. From there we were out all day, every day and collected some magnificent trophies including 2 impala, warthog, kudu, grysbok, zebra and hyena. There was 1 tuskless and a leopard left on quota which we decided to try for and the tuskless came easy and another perfect brain shot was the result.

The leopard hunt was an amazing hunt, chance of success so late in the season, with temps over 120 Fahrenheit, are slim. The one day we found a nice tom track and tracked him for 5 hours but before we could get a shot he winded us. We then baited for him along the same route which he returned that night and we got him on bait but he came in after dark. We then tracked him again for 2 hours, still not shot. Our luck changed on the last day when he came in just as it got dark, Ron shot a beautiful Tom.


Client Comment

This was my 3rd safari with CM Safaris and 4th trip to Zim. CM Safaris conducted the hunt in an excellent fashion and I was very pleased with the results. I was able to shoot a nice elephant bull and had plenty of time to add a few plainsgame that were plentiful in the area. An added bonus was a tuskless cow and a leopard. The leopard was a beautiful big cat shot from a blind on bait. A very memorable experience. Camp accommodations were the best and trackers to support were second to none. Zim is not the easiest destination in Africa to organize a successful hunt but having Buzz and Myles to organize my safari is the only way to go. Buzz had the resources to organize a 2 day trip to the Zambezi river in the middle of my hunt. The tiger fishing was awesome and the break from the heat refreshing. This was my best safari to date and plan to return soon.

- Ron, October 2012



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