Name Mike Wittet
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Makuti - Leopard & Buffalo

Myles McCallum
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Dande East - Buffalo, Kudu & Bushbuck


.375 H&H

PH Comment

Another good time with “Sekuru” Mike! Some good walks and stalks with both elephant and buffalo. We have never had a problem with buffalo and this was no different, we spent a whole day with a small herd of about 25 animals with two good dagga boys in it. At 5:30pm on the 3rd day a really great old bull stepped out and got knocked straight down! The rest of the hunt we spent looking for tuskless with no luck, but lots of fun was had!!

Client Comment

I have just completed the “highlight hunt” of my year, and the week based in the Chehuchi camp was tremendous – just the correct balance of practicality and luxury for a great bush experience. We executed a 50” Kudu, a 35 “ dagga boy and an old 15” bushbuck without any problem. I can say we executed a female elephant from 25 m or so with a camera after a great stalk, but no shot as she had tusks. Myles, you and Buzz have a great operation and it is always a pleasure. See you next year for another adventure, another buffalo hopefully.

- Mike, October 2012



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