Name Mike Fagras & Shon Eychaner
Richard Schultz
Previous Safari


Present Safari

Chewore South - Duiker, Buffalo, 2 Impala, elephant bull, tuskless cow


John Wilkes Double,N.L Heineke 450 Rigby
.470 NE No 2 / 480 Wooleighs/500gr Swift A-frames/458 CEB#13 500gr solids

PH Comment

Day 1 – Shon shot a duiker. Saw good game, tracked some buffalo but never caught up with them. Saw some elephant and 2 leopard on our way home.

Day 3 – Shot buffalo-found them just after first light in the morning. Played with them for about an hour before getting a shot at a great bull. Shot was a bit far back, we followed up and after 40 minutes we found him and finished him off. Also saw eland.

Day 4 – saw lots of elephant cows, two young bulls. We did several approaches on the elephant. Shon shot an impala.

Later on in the hunt, Mike shot an impala whilst sitting over a spring whilst having lunch. Saw lots of elephant cows and young bulls but could not connect with a big bull track.

Day 10 – We tracked 3 bulls and found them but while setting our sights, they winded us and took off. We continued to follow and bumped into a tuskless cow and we had one on quota so we decided to shoot it and Mike put it down with a great frontal brain at +/-20 yards.

Day 11 – Started the morning by getting on to a bull track and within an hour we found the bull in some open Mopane, it had really good length and was a great looking bull. So Mike decided to take the bull. We approached to about 12 yards, the bull swung on us and Mike put in a great frontal brain shot. We then decided to head to the Zambezi for some tiger fishing and that’s what we did, fishing was awesome and was a spectacular way to round up Mike’s safari. Astala wego!


Client Comment

Spectacular hunt with Rich and Ray. We hunted hard and Rich put us on tracks every day and the trackers and staff were amazing. Rich brought the game to me and we were eminently successful. Ray was the perfect cameraman for our hunt. Both a blast in camp and in the field. Will be back for more. Addictive.

- Mike, August 2012



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