Name Dante Lanna  & Pedro Zuccolillo
Alan Shearing
Previous Safari

with Myles McCallum

Present Safari

Dande Safari Area - Elephant & Buffalo


Chapius .470 double / 93x74 R Chapius

PH Comment

The first 6 days were spent at Ward 11 where we followed buffalo every day. Pedro wounded a big dagga boy on day 4 (high in the withers with the 470). We followed it for 2 days, but eventually lost it. Dante shot a buffalo bull on day 5 after losing the wounded bull. Unfortunately he shot the wrong buff, which was a young bull, frontal chest shot dropped it and there was no need to put in another shot! Day 5 we hunted ward 11 for tuskless and saw about 15 cows, but no tuskless. Day 7 we moved over to DSA and shot a wounded buffalo cow, a mercy kill in the morning and then in the evening Pedro shot a ration elephant cow. Frontal brained it from 12 yards with the 470. Last day we decided to try for a ration buffalo. Followed a herd in the afternoon, saw some nice bulls, but couldn’t get close enough with open sight for a shot.


Client Comment

This was a great hunt. Hard work in very hot weather. Camp, PH and staff were all great companions and very friendly. Alan and Bongi were particularly great. DSA was a much better area and want to return.

- Dante, October 2012



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