Name Stephanus Crous
Richard Schultz
Present Safari

Dande Safaris Area - Lion & Buffalo


.375, .416 Sauer
Barnes solid & TSX

PH Comment

The hunt started off well as we got our buffalo down in DSA on the first day. We immediately packed up and went to Ward11 and put up 2 lion baits and after the first night we had 2 big males feeding. We sat the following night and the younger male came in first but soon after the big mature male came in and Fanus made a good shot. It was a long slow follow up but found it dead. We then changed lion baits to leopard baits but never had a big male leopard feed.

During the hunt we shot a few other plainsgame. Then moved back to Pedza to try for zebra and sable. We saw a fair amount of sign but never saw any. We had a really great hunt and look forward to hunting ele with Fanus soon.


Client Comment

to come




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