Name Ron Creusen
Richard Tabor
Present Safari

Makuti - Buffalo & Sable


.416 Rigby
Swift A-Frame & Barnes

PH Comment

Day 1 – In the morning we collected the ranger and sighted in the weapon. In the afternoon we went for a walk down a vlei line and found buffalo tracks which we followed and caught the herd of +/-60 animals a few good bulls but we left them.

Day 2 – Checked a few springs in the morning for buffalo and saw one lone sable about 34” and another herd of sable bulls, total of 9 but nothing interesting. Afternoon got onto a sable herd of 7 animals, 4 bulls. Ron made an excellent shot on a mature heavy based sable bull of 36.5”.

Day 3 – checked springs for buffalo, got on a buffalo herd of +/-40 animals, some nice bulls but left them due to recovery. Saw another 4 sable, 1 being a nice bull. That afternoon Ron shot a warthog for the ranger for meat. We got on to 4 dagga boys, all good sizes with hard tops but the wind & ox peckers gave us away.

Day 4 – we followed a few buffalo herds but no shooters. Saw a few young kudu bulls.

Day 5 – in the morning got on to 2 dagga boys, long stalk but no shot. They gained up with another 4 bulls, another long stalk. Finally late afternoon Ron made an excellent shot and bagged an old 35.5” dagga boy.

Day 6-8: we spent glassing valleys, walking spring lines for kudu

Day 9 – in the morning we went for a drive, glassing again but finally later that afternoon Ron shot a 50” kudu bull, nice and old perfect bull.

Day 10 – in the morning we on a drive we saw Klipspringer and chased a few baboons around. The rest of the day we spent relaxing at camp.


Client Comment

We had and fantastic hunt. It was tough, but I am very happy with the results.
Rich Tabor is a very knowledgeable PH and nice guy to be around.
The trackers and camp staff made my stay to one that I will cherish the rest of my life.
By the way I will be back!

- Ron, September 2011



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