Name Richard Childree
Richard Schultz
Present Safari

Dande Safari Area - Buffalo & Sable


.375 Bruno
Barnes X, Sledge Hammer

PH Comment

Day 1 – found 2 sable early in the morning. Found them  but could never get on them. Pete Barnard radioed and put us onto a small group of dagga boys. We bumped them, then left them and went back after lunch. Managed to get into a good position and put a shot into one. Got dark.

Day 2 – got on to the buff track and managed to get our buff down.

Day 3 – tracked sable the whole day (10kms).

Day 4 – tracked sable the whole day.

Day 5 – same again

Day 6 – tracked and found sable, managed to get a shot at a good bull. Richard mad a good shot.

Day 7 – chased warthog, impala, kudu but were smarter than me.

Day 8 – shot bushpig, did good walk for bushbuck but nothing.

Day 9 – 10: went to Zambezi and tried to catch tiger fish but no luck.

Days 10 – 14: did many, many walks for kudu, warthog, eland, bushbuck but only managed to get an impala.

Great hunt.


Client Comment

Amazing hunting adventure. My first safari but hopefully not my last. Excellent PH, trackers, food, and accommodations. We saw plenty of wildlife. I would be glad to recommend CM Safaris for anyone interested in hunting in Zimbabwe.

- Richard, Oct 2011



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