Name Odin Rorvik
Alan Shearing
Present Safari

Dande Safari Area - Tuskless & Buffalo


Blazer R93, 416 Rem
Handloaded with Woodleigh soft & solid

PH Comment

In the 3 days we spent hunting in Ward 11 we saw over 100 elephant. On the 3rd day we found a herd with a tuskless, which we approached to within 20 yards. The shot was frontal brain which passed just under the brain, just nicking the spine and then exiting out of the neck. She went down like she was brained, but there was no time for a second shot as the herd closed in. The herd picked the tuskless up and pushed her away, fortunately they stayed in a small valley, where we ran along the ridge above them until we managed to finish her off with a few lung shots. Bullets recovered were intact, but most passed through.

Buffalo was shot on day 8. There were not many herds around, and the ones that were had no mature bulls. We battle along in the heat and finally shot one at 40 yards in the chest with a soft, which was recovered in the lung, fairly broken up. The buffalo ran +/-80 yards losing a lot of blood. We then hung a few leopard baits and on the 13th night go a hit from a good male but he did not return. The days were extremely hot, reaching 44 degrees Celsius in the dining room and over 60 degrees in the sun, and the evening temperatures averaged around 30 degrees.



Client Comment

Super hunt! I would like to thank the CMS team for having me as a guest down here in your too warm,
but very beautiful country! - Odin Rorvik



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