Name Michael Tenny
Buzz Charlton
Present Safari

Dande Safari Area - Lion, Leopard, Buffalo & management Elephants


458 Lott & 400 Holland & Holland Dakota Rifle
Woodleigh's & Swifts

PH Comment

We had a fantastic hunt with Mike and Duke despite it been hectically hot. The safari got off to the best possible start when on day two we got a super lion on bait. 3 sittings later we managed to get him at first light on the Manyemu river. He was a wonderful lion for the Zambezi river.

From there we were focusing on ration elephant . We spent a lot of time tracking groups of eles trying to find non trophy cows with out dependant calves. We eventually shot a tuskless as our first as she did not have calf.

While in final approach on a group of eles in the jess we found a great bushbuck right in the middle of the group of eles! Mike took him which was exciting as the eles bombshell in all directions.

The following evening Mike got a huge old cow with a beautiful frontal brain shot and when we were recovering her the following morning a group of elephant suddenly appeared and the opportunity was too good to miss so we got Duke in action and he beautifully brained his ele cow at 11 yards with his 400 HH Dakota.

The few days we were looking for a buff with Duke who did really well as he had sprained his ankle very badly but determinedly tracked a group of dugga boys and perfectly shot an old boy which was a perfect one to take as it had a broken leg.

We also shot numerous baboons and impala. Unfortunately the leopard did not comply as baits were rotting very fast and that cats were not moving.

All in all the hunt was great and we had a lot of fun. On the drive out Duke and mike kindly donated a lot of stationery to the school which the kids really appreciated


Client Comment

Thanks to Buzz and CMS on a great safari - we had alot of fun and great hunting - Micheal Tenny - "cheaper then dirt"

The hunt in Dande was beyond words! It was truly one of the "Hunts of a lifetime". The crew is great; Criton and Nyati are a 'Superteam!', Eddie is a pure joy, and all the staff works hard all the time. The Zambezi Valley is beauty beyond words! I truly enjoyed every aspect of the hunt and you work very hard toi insure that quality animals are harvested (even for a not so mobile old guy) and I truly appreciate your concern for the animals and your hard work against anti-poaching. You guys are a credit to your industry and I will be sending guys your way. Thanks Duke McCaa



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