Name Martinus & Lorinda van der Reyden
Richard Tabor
Present Safari

Makuti - Tuskless & Sable


.375 Bruno & 416 Rigby (Ruger No1)
.375 300g zumbo solids, 416 Nosler & Barnes

PH Comment

Day 1: sighted in weapons then headed out to glass valleys in search of a tuskless. In the morning we saw +/-50 elephant cows with 2 tuskless in two different herds. Went back to camp for lunch and out again early. By 2 o’clock we had spotted a small herd of elephant cows with 2 tuskless. Decided to take the larger, older cow with no dependant calf. After a short stalk we got in front and had the larger tuskless walking onto us. Martinus dropped her with a quartering frontal and Lorinda put in a back up for insurance. A short and sweet little hunt.

Day 2: Elephant recovery in the morning and hyena baiting in the afternoon.

Day 3-5: was spent glassing and walking for sable but no sable spotted yet lots of sign. Though the morning of day 5 Lorinda got a big hyena. Long shot early in the morning was not easy but the hyena is in the salt.

Day 6: early start at dawn to the Ruyese and at 7am Lorinda shot an awesome 45” sable at 150 yards with her 416 rigby ruger. Good hunt, good shooting and an awesome trophy.

Day 7-9: was spent doing alittle walking and relaxing. Had a bit of rain so cool weather.

Day 10: went out after klipspringer did some walking around little Kopjies and after bumping a few Martinus got and awesome 5” klipspringer with the 416 rigby. A good morning.

At the end some awesome trophies were taken, new friends made. A good way to end the season.


Client Comment

Lorinda's quest for a big sable connected us with CMS. I researched most of the areas available for sable in Zimbabwe and Mozambique and CMS delivered the most consistent high quality for the past few years.

For this hunt my big trophy would fall in with where we would hunt sable, albeit buffalo or whatever. Fortunately CMS had a cancellation tuskless elephant available when we booked. Hunting tuskless with CMS didn't help at all to try and treat the "elephant fever" that I suffer from.

Hunting elephant in the mountainous terrain of Makuti was a first for me and a huge amount of fun. We have to commend Rich Tabor for his willingness to hunt, Lorinda would have left without a sable rather than shoot below 40" even with her freshly popped lumbar disk in her back! Rich took up the challenge like a basset on a scent trail and dragged us around from east to west in Makuti without complaint for days on end. Lorinda got all the reward for his hard work!

We would like to thank the whole CMS team for their willingness to help us out at short notice to postpone the hunt by nearly 2 months to allow Lorinda's lumbar disk to settle a wee bit.

Our next hunt with CMS is already planned for 2013, the custom 500NE single shot needs to be inaugarated on dry land hippo.

Thanks guys! Martinus & Lorinda



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