Name Mike Wittet
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Myles McCallum
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Makuti - Leopard & Buffalo


.375 H&H - Hired from Myles
Factory Federal

PH Comment

This was our fourth hunt together –  the third in Makuti.

Anyhow this time we drove down to Makuti, sighted in, collected scout etc... the day before the hunt. Rich Tabor had told us of a big dagga boy, so on the first morning we drove down the Kariba Road, turned right towards the Nyakasanga river. Bongi soon spotted fresh tracks across the road of four dagga boys so off we went. We tracked them for four hours, they winded us once but we got on to them at 1pm. It was obvious which the big one was and Mike took him at 80metres. He ran about 400m then we caught up to him again and Mike finished him off. A beautiful 43.5 inch bull on the first day!
When we got back to camp at 3pm, Blake told us that a nice tom leopard had fed on the “baobab’ bait and that with a few minor mod’s  to the blind we could sit right away. So we raced off up there, and sat. Sure enough at 5;30 pm the tom arrived. We decided to leave him, it had all been too easy! On day three we decided to see if he was still coming in and he was and did. Mike took him with a perfect t shot at last light.

We then spent a few days hunting more buff with lots and lots seen. Mike took his second buff (our 7th together) from a big herd of over 200 animals close to camp.

On the last day we went down to the Zambezi river into Nyakasanga safari area and had an excellent day of hippo hunting. A big bodied old, old bull was the last to get back into the water and fell victim to a perfect side brain shot. A wonderful end to another great hunt!
Client Comment

Myles I must direct my very sincere thanks and appreciation to you for looking after me so well and making the tracking, stalking and hunting experience so special.

It was really great and thank you so much. We had great success and the eland slip-up reminds me that hunting is not all as easy as the photos make out.

Bongi was an absolute star; we missed NO REST’S cheerful face, but  Bonani and Shumani did well in his place. Blake assisted us throughout and was a pleasure and real fun to be with, he will  make a fine PH and I’ll be happy to have him in camp again anytime. Remind him to let me know how he fares in the forthcoming tests and interviews.

- Mike, September 2011



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