Name John Woodmark
Alan Shearing
Present Safari

Nyakasanga - Elepahnt Bull


470 NE Hambrish, 300 Weatherby
Federal Factory, Weatherby 180g

PH Comment

Not many followable bull tracks found during the first 4 days. Tracked one bull on day 4 (+/- 25lbs). Day 5 we tracked a group of 7 bulls, mostly young bulls, with 1 o 2 larger bulls. We tracked them for 8kms and found two of the bigger bull that had split off. One was about 25lbs and the other had nice long, pretty ivory which we guessed at around 40lbs. John decided it was the bull he wanted, so we approached to 13 yards. The bull was broadside, standing in front of a large Baobab tree. The bull turned slightly towards us at the last second, but the shot went through the cheek bone, clipped the base of the brain and exited the neck and ear area. The bullet was found on the ground +/- 3m from the elephant.

The recovery was long and a 5km road had to be cut through the jesse. A good warthog of about 11” was taken and a 23” impala. We saw a lot of game including hyena, lots of buffalo, elephant, plains game and wild dogs. Very dry around some of the main pans. There lots of warthogs, impala and baboons dying from lack of food and water.

We then moved to over to DSA on 17/10 to hunt sable. We tracked sable everyday and had some very brief opportunities for shot, but weren’t quick enough. We did get a 15” bushbuck.


Client Comment

All above is true, we had a great adventure with Alan and the boys.
A well rounded trip with plainsgame, elephant and tiger fishing.
Good food, good company and lifelong friendships formed. Hot, hot and hotter but we adapted.
Lots of birds and mammals, we kept a list everyday. We will back.

- John, October 2011



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