Name Jerry Nave
Richard Schultz
Present Safari

Makuti - Baboon, tuskless x2 & Sable


.470 Searcy, .375 Ruger, 300 Ruger
Hornady, Federal

PH Comment

Day 1 – got into camp around lunch. Checked rifles. Did an afternoon drive.

Day 2 – saw two tuskless, one too small, on too clever. Shot one baboon.

Day 3 – went to secret valley, did a big hike, found a group with a good tuskless on top of the mountain.

Got within 25yards. Jerry tried side brain shot, not successful but a few backup shots, she went down.

Day 4 – went to find sable but saw a big group of ele with big tuskless . got a good approach, to above 15 yards, Jerry did frontal brain to perfection.

Day 5-9: walked up and down hills all day trying to find a good sable, put some serious miles on foot up and down the hill, until we finally found a lone sable bull. Got within 180 yards. Jerry put in a few good shots and he went down. Also saw female leopard in the hills whilst walking.

Day 10 – shot a few baboon to control the population a bit.


Client Comment

GREAT TIME!! - Jerry Nave


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