Name John Martin
Kobus Botha
Present Safari

Nyakasanga - Buffalo / Crocodile


375 H&H, 325
300g swift A-frame, 200g Accu Bond

PH Comment

Animals that were hunted were Buffalo, crocodile, impala, grysbok, hyena and warthog. The buffalo was a good hunt as we looked at a lot of buffalo and followed the buffalo and stalked for 3 hours. We shot a beautiful 39” buffalo. The crocodile was probably the hardest hunt of all the animals we hunted. We spent a lot of days on a boat searching for a good croc. We also had some baits out for croc. After choosing the one we wanted we decided to stalk it as our initial shot would be about 125 metres. So John and I stalked to within 50 metres and John made an excellent shot and to a 13’2” croc. All in all we also took a few other plainsgame including a hyena. We had a good safari.


Client Comment

This was my second visit to Zimbabwe, this time to the Nyakasanga area and on the Zambezi River. I had two objectives, to hunt an old dagga boy buffalo and a good sized crocodile. My buddy, Giovanni Marcelli and I had planned this trip for some time and came pretty well prepared. My two guns were the H&H 375 magnum and a new rifle, a H-5 Precision 325 WSM. Giovanni hand loaded the 375 A-frame bullets and I brought factory 200 grain accubond shells. We were ready for a 14 day hunt which started with Buzz Charlton and my PH Kobus Botha meeting us at the airport and moving directly on to Chirundu estates lodge in the Zambezi Valley. This wasn’t exactly what I had envisaged, it was a very comfortable first class lodge!

Our first few days were spent looking for buffalo and we did see a small herd that we abandoned in the jesse. We obviously couldn’t see the whole herd because a week or so later we bumped them and it was a very large herd of possibly 400 buffalo – what a treat. It was on the 3rd day that we found fresh buffalo tracks that Kobus and his trackers assisted me in tracking and shooting a fine 39” buffalo, on the best this season according to Buzz.

The crocodile hunt was equally exciting and gain successful mainly because of the expertise of my PH Kobus. It was only possible to get a shot by stalking the croc, which we heard was not possible. Kobus took us through the papyrus grass to about 75 yards. The croc never detected us and never moved as the325 took his spine out. It was a very decent old 13’2” croc.

We had a great pace to the end of the hunt with the last few days relaxing and even fishing on the Zambezi. My camera had a good workout and I took over 2000 pictures, some at very close distances. All in all a great time with a good friend and wonderful people at CM Safaris.

- John, September 2011



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